Gozo Tour

Today (27th August 2016) I took my friend and show her around Gozo – the second biggest island in Malta archipelago. We had to take a ferry to get to this island. Moreover, we had to wake up very early. For this reason, I am asleep a bit now. This is a good point for you – I am going to write briefly 🙂

It is obvious which of places in Gozo we visited firstly. Who guess Azure Window in Dwejra is alright. I was here for the second time and still I am able to spend more time again and again.

P1060015 P1060019

I tried to imitate this giant gate that the non-obedient tourist damage (going up although it is not allowed).

P1060017 P1060040


I and Lucka discovered the small hut near to the Azure window and suddenly we got an idea to use it for the crazy photos. I have more similar photos, but not publishable 🙂

P1060030  P1060026

Ok, we cannot spend all day in the same place, we thought ourselves and set off to Marsalforn. The small city, respectively the seaside resort, lies in the west part of Gozo. Because we were walking around unplanned, I can share with you the following photos of the city from a distance.


And a few pictures from the mole in own city. On the top of the hill on the opposite side of me, there is a sculpture of Jesus Christus. It reminds me the Summer Olympiad (the sculpture in Rio de Janeiro).

P1060050 P1060051

And the photos from the small walk. In the second one, you can see the Ramla Bay from a di.stance

P1060064 P1060073

And after losing we were finally on the bay. Kucka wanted to swim here, so I had time to shot some of the photos. Yes, I didn’t swim, you are right. You know me how I don’t like salt.

P1060085 P1060089

The colour of this sandy is totally different from other bays in Malta – more orange and very smooth, and warm 🙂 And the last photo from Ramla (you must visit it, I recommend it) is my selfie in a hat.


After we were back in Rabat (Victoria) – the capital city of Gozo – we changed the line and kept on travelling. Btw. all buses are starting in Rabat.

P1060103 P1060106

In the pictures above you can see lonely temple (church, I don’t know what exactly it is). The name is Ta’Pinu and is located close Għasri. Not so bad, but then we had to wait more than 30 minutes for the bus due to go for 5 minutes :-). But we didn’t know it since the time schedule was missing here.

Our Gozo Tour we finished in Rabat with strolling in Cittadella. I enjoyed the beautiful view on all island out of the pavements there. From all the sides you can still see the sea, awesome.

P1060115 P1060111

And we were leaving Gozo island with the sunset.


And again waiting for another bus – very long way from the ferry port in Ceirkewwa to my city (two lines were so full that the driver didn’t stop and took us).

And the last photo can give you the idea how we spend our nightlife here (need to note after more than 9 hours on the trip) in Malta. I took the photo on the playground here 🙂 it is not any bar or whatever – we are sooooo tired that was impossible to participate in St Jullien’s festa. Hopefully next time.




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