Tuscany – the paradise on the Earth

I am already back from Tuscany (one of the regions in Italy, the northern part). But I really can say this sentence: mi manchi Italy. Io voglio vivere qui. Io parlo Italiano poco, so I hope I didn’t make lots of mistakes :-)) But let’s go back to my weekend’s trip in Tuscany (14-17th July).

I try not to write long story although I would want to do it. Because this trip is really unforgettable. I nearly find one word that would describe what I feel.

Firstly I mentioned two problems and then I am going to write only positive things :-)) I flew in the evening on Thursday and I found new bus lines TD2 that should have gone only 25 minutes to the airport. Haha, Maltese public transport made me again disappointed. The bus didn’t go and I had to use X2 (1h and 30m to the airport) and praised not to miss my flight. Haha, it was useless to be worried. My flight was delayed more than 1 hours (4 out of my last 6 flights has some problem). And the second one was on my way to Malta. The officer forced me to throw away my lovely expensive cosmetics (but the previous three flights the cosmetics seem to be ok for the officer). And if I tried to quarrel with the officer I found out that she cannot speak English very well… omg, on the airport? How is it possible?

Except above mentioned problems, everything was going well. No, well is weak meaning for it…And that’s all because of my guide Juan. Thank him I could have seen not only the centre of Pisa, but also Livorno (the import port near to Pisa), visited the begging of the Monte Serre mountains, tasted amazing healthy Italian cuisine and had a possibility to train both English and Italian (more than 48 hours I had to conversate only in English… I hope Juan is not exhausted now because of my bad English).

I lived in Tirrenia. And I must say it was much better than in Pisa. The funny thing is that here the beach was closer than in Malta :-)) … only 5 minutes. And Italian beaches are totally different from Maltese as you can see in the first picture. There are also more waves (I didn’t realise till one of them covered my legs, of course in the shoes).


Since I flew to Pisa almost at noon the first mini trip was on Friday. We visited the centre of Pisa. Some of the photos, I added up. Btw I must admit I really thought that there is only the best-known Leaning Tower and suddenly I could have seen big „square“ (piazza) with Battistero, Tower, Cattedrale, Cemetery and museum.

In short, Cathedral, Leaning Tower, baptistery and Monumental Cemetery are a symbol of the allegory of the human life. It was also awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1987.


P1050150 P1050156

I climbed up the top of Leaning Tower and shot my photo with bell here. The second photo gives you an imagination how the rest of Pisa looks like. In the background, you can see the Apuane Alps and Monte Serra mountains.

P1050178 P1050180

The first following photo is from the Monumental Cemetery. There are lots of tombs on the floor. The second one I took inside the baptistery. And the last one is the usual „embarrassing“ photo of holding tower 🙂 But I wanted to have it 🙂

P1050195 P1050185 P1050201

On the way back to Tirrenia we stopped on the white beach. It consists of white small stones, it is not a sandy. But from a distance, the colour is so beautiful.


And my Friday ended up in the Olympiad Centre that is located in Tirrenia. The first photo is from rugby playground 😉 and the second one is a centre of the offices.

P1050223 P1050235

On Saturday Juan showed me around Livorno. It is the most important port in the Ligurian sea. And the first photo was taken here, in the port. Livorno suffered extensive damage during the World War II. Many historic sites and buildings were destroyed by bombs.

P1050253 P1050273

Then we continued our trip to the Monte Serre mountains (only the begging). In the second picture, you can see small traditional Italian village Calci (There are very narrow streets in this village. It reminds me the roads in Malta, but there wasn’t the traffic jam, fortunately).


In the evening I decided to swim in Italian sea, just for comparison 🙂 You know how I don’t like swimming in the sea. I enjoyed the waves here since I don’t have them in Malta. But I missed the hot weather after going to the shore and lying on the couchette. However, the umbrella and own couchette here are free. But I remind to be loyalty my swimming pool in Malta 🙂 There is nothing like swimming in non-salt water 🙂


After having a shower I set out on the Tirrenia beach again because I got an idea to take the photos of the sunset. I almost missed the right moment because I turned left from the main street so early and ended up in some restaurant. However, I was successful. And it is worth going there. Just look at the photos. The scenery taking the sun in the sea with the Apuane Alps in the background is simply stunning. Or maybe I am a bit sentimental and miss the mountain in Malta.

P1050279 P1050284 P1050290 P1050298

Above I was writing about the possibility to taste traditional Italian cuisine. As the proof, I add up some of the photos. I had three meals dinner thank Juan. I must admit not having so many fishes in my previous life 🙂

  • the first picture – smoked fresh fish with homemade vegetables,
  • the second one – the spaghetti frutto de mare (I could have tasted the fresh raw shell… I yelled a bit at that time…for me it is unusual to eat raw meat)
  • the third one – the mixture of seafood – squid, anchovies and so on – very tasty
  • the fourth one – the lasagne with bechamel. It is my favourite kind of pasta. So I asked for it 🙂
  • the fifth one – the pieces of wild boar with olive – the speciality of the local small restaurant in the Alps (btw the waitress here was so talkative and cannot speak English very well)
  • the last one – again roast/grilled fish with Pomodoro sauce 🙂

Of course, I had an ice-cream as well and one homemade cake 🙂

P1050135 P1050138 P1050203 P1050275 P1050276 P1050242

That’s all and I am back in Malta and overheating. I really miss the suitable weather in Italy. There was about 26°C. Still possible to wear the mini skirt but not sweating…

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