Traditional Maltese food

I fulfilled another goal on my TODO list. It was a pleasure experience because the goal was to taste the traditional Maltese food – fenek. Just to be precise, it wasn’t a fenek, but the rabbit. In my opinion, it is the same animal 🙂

Yesterday (20th July) I was invited by Maltese boy to the local restaurant (in Mgarr, in the opposite part of this island than I live). I was looking forward very much. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to train both Italian and English. On the other hand, a few hour’s conversation in English makes me nervous as well.

Either way, we met in my village and drive to Mgarr. The restaurant looks like very cosy and the food was really delicious.

First of all, we had a starter including the snails (yes, I tasted them and really it is not bad at all), Gozo cheese and something as like as bruschetta and some pesto (the name is bigilla, its preparation includes lots of steps and takes a long time).

In the first two pictures, you can see my snails. I was learnt how to eat snails – with the toothpick.

P1050300 P1050301

Then we continued with the main course – the rabbit and horse meat and quail (it was a Maltese mix of meat, the quail is a bird). But nobody warned my in advance that the portion would have been so big. You can see it in the following picture. First of all, I really thought that the plate is for two people, but no, it was only mine. As a side dish, we had the baked potatoes, hot vegetables and the bowl of bread and butter. You can see all together in the second picture.

P1050302 P1050303

It was impossible to eat all, respectively for me. After approximately one hour I had still half of my plate full :-)) And at the same time, my belly (stomach) was absolutely full as well. And I ate only vegetable and meat (neither potatoes or the bread). At the end, I gave up to eat all and unfortunately I had to leave the rabbit’s leg and some of the horse meat at the plate. What a pity!

But although I was so full I had to try tasting the local dessert. It wasn’t something typical for Malta but it tasted as well. It looked like a panna cotta with caramel.

P1050305 P1050308

At the least but not last photo, there is a food that I had to leave on my plate. I think that the other person could have eaten and to be full :-). At last one, I shot my dessert.

Again, I would like to thank my Maltese accompany for this unique experience and meet with Maltese cuisine. I have finally seen that Maltese cuisine includes something healthy, not only qassata and pastizzi or kebab and so on.

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