The first cheque

I turn into a crazy girl probably but I must write this post 🙂 I promise that it will be short today because it isn’t something impressive. This morning I’ve visited the bank after a long time. Just to be precise, I needed to exchange my cheque to the cash.

Why do I write about it? Actually, I don’t know but for me, it was something entirely new. I have never seen the cheque before. And I was a bit nervous what the clerk in the bank would want me to show or give.

In the end, everything was going well. I came up to the bank counter, shown my cheque and then passport card. He asked me for my signature on the back side of the cheque. And that’s all. What an easy!

And where did I get this cheque? Maybe you remembered that I called on a doctor about month ago (yes, my paralysed arm and swallow neck ganglion). My insurance pays for my doctor, thus I required it for reimbursing. And in Malta, there is not probably typical to use a bank transfer so I received the cheque. Why not? I could have learnt something new. Nobody knows when it will come in handy.

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