My Maltese anniversary

Today I celebrate unimportant anniversary here. I mean in Malta. Respectively I should celebrate but some things happened and it thwarted my joy :-(. Again I digress from the main topic.

In short, today I have been in Malta for 100 days (including my visiting the Czech Republic and Rome).

For me it is still unbelievable how I am able to manage everything in English 🙂 I cannot see any progress but everybody here try me to be sure that it needs only time. Ok, I have to deal with this fact and don’t care about English 🙂

But why am I not celebrating? Because again I am sick a bit. I don’t understand how it is possible. In my country, during last two years, I really needed to visit my GE at all. And in Malta during three months I caught at least three different illness.

This morning I have visited privacy doctor here for the first time. You can find them in the pharmacies in Malta and of course, you must pay for the examination. But fortunately, I have a health insurance in my company. But on the other hand, it doesn’t include the possibility of reimbursing the cost on the pills or medicaments.

And what exactly I caught for this time? To be honest, I don’t know how to call it. I have never had it before. I try to describe my symptoms. I had swallow left ganglion close to the neck (actually it is still bigger than normal but not pain now). And the second one that suffers me more was my paralysed right arm. I was unable to do some movements with its, such as brush my hair, pick the glasses of water and so on. And yes, one night I had a fever but it is nothing important for me (since my mononucleosis took almost two years and all that time I had a lower fever).

But pills (flodonol cream and cataflam pills) helps me very much. And I had a rest for half of day. So now I am back and full of energy 🙂




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