From Ghar Lapsi to Blue Grotto

After last mooching weekend and weekend in Pisa, I decided that it is high time to went for a walk. I was thinking for a while and the winner was a small city (or maybe village) Ghar Lapsi in the south part of Malta. Since the current weather here is rather hot to go for a long time I chose a short trip from this village to Blue Grotto (it should have been approximately 5 km).

Honestly, I must make a compliment to Maltese public transport. Although I had to change lines twice I was in Ghat Lapsi on time and met my Czech friend here. Then we got off the small trip around the cliffs. I admit our sauntering because the scenarios out of cliffs were amazing and stunning. I stopped to take the photos several times. Some of them you can see in the following pictures.

P1050356 P1050358

And look over back to Ghar Lapsi – the small white building in the last cliff (peninsula).

P1050368 P1050376

During our walking, we could have seen and come across lots of variety of cliffs, stones, shore. I really like this kind of the landscapes – although you step over the stone or go through the bush from time to time.

P1050374 P1050375

Something as like tiny Azure Window (by far the best-know gate in Gozo).


After one and half hour we were here. Actually, we had to go down and up because of the valley in our route (and we were lazy a bit to go around).

P1050387 P1050390

Meanwhile my friend was swimming I was wandering around (I didn’t have my bikini and you know how I don’t like swimming in the sea).

P1050396 P1050411

And probably the best-known place from Blue Grotto you can look at the following two photos. By the way, I ended up some area that was fenced and after I climbed up and down I found out there is not allowed to go :-)) Never mind. I think the notice board must be located in all direction (it is not my fault).

P1050417 P1050433

Later in the afternoon, we set out go to home. Fortunately, some bus was just going. What a miracle. My friend invited me to the best ice-cream in Malta – it was in Valletta and have to thank him. Although try to cut down all sweet including the ice-cream I didn’t refuse and tasted it 🙂 Dolce vita.


Afte having a shower I headed for Balluta firework. It should have been a part of one typical Maltese festival. In the following pictures I tried to catch the decoration in the main street (btw the road was closed and all traffic was going through Sliema, hmmm, the nice traffic jam, I am happy to go on my foot here).

P1050441 P1050443

And at the end of my talking, there is one of Maltese holies. In my opinion, this sculpture and decorations are rather cheesy, respectively it doesn’t match with the rest of Maltese architecture.


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