And Comino again

Two weeks passed so quickly and the other boat cruise around Comino was coming. It is a Sunday’s encounter of Czech and Slovak living in Malta. I decided to participate again since I enjoyed the last cruise very much.

On the map, you can see our approximate cruise. I am not sure about the break of number 3. I know that we had four breaks during our 6 hour’s cruise around Comino.


The first break was the same as last time – in Crystal Lagoon. Two following photos I shot there. And as you can see for that time there were lots of other yachts and boats. The touristic season starts. We had a small problem to get away (the second photo).

P1050095 P1050103

Then some of us wanted to visit Blue Lagoon again. But it was very difficult to get there because of lots of boats here as well. In the end, we stopped at the place that I remarked number 2. There is a sea tunnel towards Blue Lagoon. The distance is approximately 20 meters. The cave/tunnel has wonderful colour above the sea level – something as like as purple. The following photos are from this break. In the first picture, you can see the sea caves around all coast. And some similar was the tunnel leading to Blue Lagoon. Unfortunately, I am unable to bring my camera with me if I am swimming.

P1050110 P1050099



The last but not the least photo I took during our third break. There was a quiet but in my opinion, not so much interesting place. However, the weather was so hot that I jumped down the sea and swam to the shore. The water is still cold, in compare to water in the swimming pool where I go swimming regularly in my village.


Our fort break was close to the cafes and restaurants. Some of us used this location and went to buy something. And then we continued back to Marfa. Again I could have seen the rock that looks like an elephant.


All day I finished with pole dance and TRX training.


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