From Ghar Lapsi to Blue Grotto

After last mooching weekend and weekend in Pisa, I decided that it is high time to went for a walk. I was thinking for a while and the winner was a small city (or maybe village) Ghar Lapsi in the south part of Malta. Since the current weather here is rather hot to go for a long time I chose a short trip from this village to Blue Grotto (it should have been approximately 5 km).

Pokračování textu From Ghar Lapsi to Blue Grotto

I finished my first truly English book

And this is an another article about nothing :-). Just to be precise, about nothing concerning my stay in Malta. But the possibility to write on my blog that I finished reading my first truly English book was a big motivation keeping myself to continue. Although there was a great deal of days when I wanted to give up.

Pokračování textu I finished my first truly English book

The focus on languages

This weekend I have been spending lots of time on studying both English and Italian. And Broňa says in his video casts that we should use and repeat new phrases/sentences/words as much as possible. For this reason, I decide to focus on some new phrases that I’ve learnt. Who doesn’t like languages or his/her command of English, respective Italian is higher than B1+, respective A1 don’t hesitate to stop reading 🙂

Pokračování textu The focus on languages

Tuscany – the paradise on the Earth

I am already back from Tuscany (one of the regions in Italy, the northern part). But I really can say this sentence: mi manchi Italy. Io voglio vivere qui. Io parlo Italiano poco, so I hope I didn’t make lots of mistakes :-)) But let’s go back to my weekend’s trip in Tuscany (14-17th July).

Pokračování textu Tuscany – the paradise on the Earth