Valletta again

It seems that I didn’t write about the bureaucracy for a long time. But to be honest, I still don’t have Maltese ID card. It is approximately two months when I applied for it and sent all required papers to the office. But so far I haven’t received any response. I wrote three email during previous two weeks. But still nothing. So I decided to visit Valletta personal.

Now it is the summer season in Malta. First, it means that the weather is really terrible. Actually, it is my opinion. I could see lots of women wearing the trousers (jeans). Hm, I wore mini jeans skirt and regretted that I didn’t wear a bikini under my top. But anyway, the second change in summer season here is the price of a bus ticket. Two hours single ticket cost 2 euros. To be honest, I’d rather buy an ice-cream than the ticket. Well, I decided to walk on my foot and tried to new path that one of my Czech friend here described me. In result, it took me get to Valletta only 1 hour and it is about 5 or 5,5 km from my house. So I mean nothing bad.

My first plan of visiting the office was unsuccessful since I didn’t check the opening hours good and the office closes at 11am and I was here at 11:20 🙂 Never mind, I realised that so far I haven’t shown this capital city.

My short trip around the Valletta fortification started close to the point that I forgot how it is called 🙂 But I know that it should be the place for lovers and couples 🙂 You can see it in the first picture. In the second one, there is a view of Grand Harbour from the Lower Barraka Garden.

P1040909 P1040907

Then I was strolling near to the fortification on the south part of Valletta and came to Upper Barraka Garden. From them, there is amazing view on the Three Cities. You can see Port St Angelo in the first picture. In the second one, it is Manoel Island near to Gzira and it is located on the opposite city of Valletta (I shot it from some gardens in Floriana – a small city near to Valletta).

P1040915 P1040922

And one photo of me from Upper Barraka Gardens. There had to be some events since there were lots of people, more than usual and I could see some army how to shout from the cannons.


Because I don’t like the city sightseeing and it was really hot, I decided to end up my tour. But first of all, I had to shot this lift. However, there was the queue and I wanted to wait for my turn, so actually I don’t know what the purpose of lift is.


In the following picture, you can see the Saint John’s Cathedral and typical old-charm building in Valletta.


In the first picture, it should be the main street in Valletta passing in the middle of this street. There are also lots of shops and restaurant. And of course, people. So I must admit never going here 🙂 In the second one, I wanted to try to catch the typical narrow up and down the street in Valletta. To be honest, there we can come across the more narrow street without no cars. But as I mentioned I was so lazy to discover other parts of this city. Besides, I was here last year and spent a couple of hours going around. So maybe next time with someone who come and see me in Malta.

P1040928 P1040927

Then I continued to Sliema as visiting my Czech friend here and thus, I went shopping in Lidl in San Gwan and finally I set out walk to home. Because my mobile is overheating I measured only the first 15 km. But I guess that in total I was walking about 25 km. I think that it is not bad in this weather conditions 🙂

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