The Three Cities

As I wrote here I planned to visit the Three Cities on Saturday (4th June).

This area is one of the oldest fortified settlement in Malta. My walk started in Kalkara and took me around the coast of the magnificent Grand Harbour. The name is after the three medieval cities spreading on the opposite side of Valletta. Their names are Birgu, Isla and Bormla. But these are also known as  Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua and together they form an area known as the Three Cities as I’ve mentioned several times. It sounds a little confused – lots of names for one area.

The walk went through the busy commercial docks area and past the shipyards that played such a central role during World War II. There are the rest of impressive fortifications. It was in this area that the Knights (I mean the Knights of Malta) built their first base on Malta (starting in 1530) and, despite the heavy bombing, many wonderful buildings have survived to impress the tourists. The most impressive building is for sure Fort Saint Angelo which dominates this side of the Grand Harbour.

As I wrote above I started in Kalkara. I didn’t have any specific bus stop that I would like to get off. I only waited for something that looked like as interesting start point. And for this reason, the going in line 3 took me longer time since I didn’t decide.


The following photos I shot in Kalkara creek and I don’t know the name of the fort in the second picture. And actually, I am not sure whether it is a fort. Of course, I was walking around but just here some rebuilding was going. However, there were not tourists, nice quiet place. I met one Maltese guy who was speaking with me for a certain time.

P1040646 P1040657

Passing Birgu city I went to Fort Saint Angelo and first of all, I tried to get into this building but it was close.

P1040681 P1040679

In the end, I found some small path around the fortification and suddenly I had a nice view of Valletta as you can see in the following pictures.

P1040676 P1040673

In the last but not the least photo you can see part of the last city – Isla. I walked further into this city and should have taken the opportunity to wander into some of the narrow side-streets. I must notice that many of the buildings are of post-war construction, a consequence of bombing in WWII as I mentioned above.


I came to a small garden (Gardjola) at the tip of the bastion. From here you get an amazing view of the Grand Harbour, the dockyards, Valletta and Fort Saint Angelo. There was a sentry box (aka the gardjola) at the tip of the garden. It should display symbols of watchfulness and good luck.

And the last photo shows how the dockyards look like. Then I left the Three cities and with thought going home I continued on my road.


However, the rest of my walking was not nice because of walking along the big roads here. First of all, I wanted to give up in Paola and used the bus to get to home. But I was looking for the passtizeria (as I didn’t have a lunch) and I got to Marsa in the end. Maybe you remembered that in this city I lost myself when I was on my way from Terxien Temples. But for this time, I was successful and chose the right way to Valletta. However, in Marsa I had a feeling that I am in Africa 🙂 (I met only black people here).

In the end, I got to the home on my foot and it was almost 21 km. However, I must admit looking forward to Sunday’s trip because it will be in nature. Although I didn’t meet many tourists in the Three Cities I still prefer nature to cities.

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