The reflection about living abroad

A few days ago I read one interesting article pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of living/working abroad. To be sure that I was interested in reading its. I try to find out another reason and compare it to mine. Since the article is in Czech I attempt to translate some of the most interesting (from my point of view) passages into English.

In advance, I must warn you that this post is something as like as my reflection (consideration), nothing important or about my real life in Malta.

  • Home is where the heart is.

Or you can say:  „Your true home is with the person or in the place that you love most.“ I must absolutely agree. I think that your home doesn’t have to be at the place where you were born or you have your family but there you feel happy, you don’t solve any nonsense. However, I don’t want to say that my home is Malta, but not the Czech Republic as well.

  • The friendships become more intensive

I agree that although you live far away from your home city/country it doesn’t mean you must lose the contact with them. Conversely, you find out who is worth being your friend (who is the right and close friend). We live in the modern technic period so it is not really difficult to call/text them every time when we remember.

  • The feeling of guilt

In the article, you can read (free translation): At the photos displaying the ocean, the life must be amazing. But there you can pay the bill, repair your broken tap, recover from the sick caused of the air-conditioning. Just because you live in another country the problems don’t disappear from your life. The negative situations will happen before or later as well. People start envying you where you are because they think „The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence“ 🙂

The  paragraph above I really had to translate because it is so true, especially now. It is only one week ago when we had a broken toilet here and had to call the plumber. And right away I am treating myself from something like as the tonsils (my swallowing is very painful and I drink the tea with ginger, use some spray, take a pill and praise for the better night since I would like to sleep longer than one hour). And what do you think that cause my tonsils? Of course, fan and air-conditioning 🙂

As for the proverb: The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. If I take it literally I will have to laud very loudly 🙂 To be honest, the grass in Malta is really not greener than in the Czech republic. I think that I cannot prove it at all :-))) But yes, the meaning of this sentence is behind of the colour of the grass wherever. I only want to make a joke.

  • The life is going without our presence in our home country

To be honest, from time to time everybody from us solves what it would happen if I am fired, if I am heavy ill, if I don’t have enough money for my mortgage and so on. I was the one of the crowd as well in my country. I was still thinking that I must work, study, pay the bill, solve my future, solve nonsense, think about people’s opinions on me… But now, I do not care about my surroundings. What’s more, I don’t plan what I am going to do next week. Why? I am living now, not in future. Somehow was and somehow will be. As one of my friend says: „Let things happen.“ And I am happy to change my mindset toward to this approach.

But I digress. The article pointed out although you are away from your country the life is going on. Well, you are not the centre of acting/being. We just must confess this fact.

  • You become perceiving your country in the new aspect.

For the first time, I realised this claim when I was in the Czech Republic in the begging of May. Suddenly I had a joy only because of the grass, trees. It is something that before I took per granted. But if you can’t miss some stuff you will be surprised nicely.

I am still wondering what else I like seeing in my next visiting the Czech Republic.








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