The last days

My life in Malta becomes to be normal. The proper part of working day I spend over programming or something at my work and then I deal with my hobbies – mainly sport. Although it seems to be calm life, from time to time I experienced something unexpected. And I don’t mean that some crazy driver almost ran over me (such as today when I left the shop).

For example, yesterday I was eating my lunch in front of my office (of course, in the sun) and suddenly I found out that I am unable to read anything on my smartphone. So I wanted to increase my brightness. But nothing happened. I tried it once, twice, third times than I realised the small warning was displaying at the bottom of the screen (but how I should see it when the brightness was too low, shouldn’t I).

The message warned me that my mobile phone was overheating a bit and for this reason the brightness was declined. Hm, but yesterday was just only 15th June. What the bloody hell will I do in the middle August with my shit SMARTphone?

And it is not only mobile phone that is playing with me the last days. My laptop starts shutting down in some unexpected moments. It takes the last week but it happens regularly. Maybe it is some virus on my laptop since I have a Windows OS but I don’t think so. Every time when it happened my laptop was very hot. So I suspicious that it is too old and overheat as well. Maybe in the middle of summer I will be offline… it could be nice time in my life 🙂

And I haven’t written only negative scenarios from the last day I add one story from this morning.

About 9AM, I was outside owing to soak up the nice sunny morning. And I had a wonderful view, not only at the sea 🙂 but there were approximately six black people and a few white person. Everybody was practising his workout. Nice. They were very well-built and running close to me. And maybe I like to think myself that they looked at me and smiled :-)) Anyway, it supported my start to a new day.

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