The boat cruise around the Island of Comino

It was one part of archipelago Malta that I didn’t see last year. It was the Island of Comino. One of three habitat islands that is part of archipelago Malta (Comino, Gozo and Malta). This Sunday (26th June) I got the opportunity to visit this amazing small island. But it wasn’t standard trip as you would expect. I mean walking around the coast (cliffs). It was my first boat cruise with Czech and Slovak’s friends living (working, enjoying) in Malta.

We started in Marfa, near to Cirkewwa where is the ferry station (for transport to Gozo). The small boat was booked only for our group consisting of approximately 25 people of Czech, Slovak and Canadian nationalities. Our boat driver was from Gozo, older vivid man. Our boat you can see in the first picture. And of course, I immediately had to try how the pole looks – unfortunately, it was not suitable for pole dancing :-(.

P1040931 P1040935

I tried to draw out cruise on a map. But I warn you that it is approximate. I know only the name of places when we stopped to swimming. We had four breaks during our (6 hours, I guess) cruise and I am going to describe them later. But first, let me notice that we celebrated the birthday of one girl here. In the second picture, you can see something like as birthday table (it is only an improvisation).

map P1040964

Well, out the first break was in Crystal lagoon. It is close to by far best-known a place in Comino – Blue lagoon. The scenery from this place is shot at the two following pictures. I think that it was a nice place but I was looking forward to seeing other places and my expectation was fulfilled and I didn’t regret at all.

P1040945 P1040950

Yes, the second place was Blue lagoon. I heard about this area several times and I had lots of expectations as for this place. And I must say that the water here is really amazing, the colour is indescribable, very clear and blue. But unfortunately, there are the most tourists. We anchored far away from the coast. And I had my first opportunity to swim in Malta. Hm, the water was really cold in comparison of the air temperature.

P1040989 P1040985

The photos from my first swim I add up as well. I set out on swimming to the shore and have a short walk. That’s a pity that I couldn’t have brought my camera with me. But I got a promise that I will visit Comino in autumn with my friend and we both are going to around this tiny island. I am absolutely looking forward to seeing.

P1040990 P1040993

All the time during our cruise I played with the thought that I could drive a boat :-). I pleased our drivers and in the end, I shot the following photos. But to be honest, the boat was anchored 🙂 However, I enjoyed taking these photos 🙂

P1040957 P1040958

After Blue Lagoon we continued toward the west-north a bit and finished at one of a bay in Gozo (the first picture). I again swam and again I must say it was very cold, brrr. Then we went back to Comino (the second photo from a distance).

P1050003 P1050006

The last break was in a plan – Santa Maria cave. You can see this cave in the first picture. Now, I am not sure from which part of Comino I took the second picture. But it is not Santa Maria cave 🙂 This place was very nice and we could have seen the group of nice young divers :-)) Anyway, there is a possibility to swim inside in the cave, climb up to the second part of the cave. There is a small lake (very small) and you can continue in a tunnel outside and swim around the cliffs back to the lagoon.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring my camera with me, so I don’t have the photos inside. But it was very picturesque. At the end of the small discovering trip, I jumped down to the sea. Yes, I yelled a bit 🙂

P1050017 P1040968

After we enjoyed our last stop we had to go back to Marfa owing to time. During the cruise around the north part of Comino, I could see the cliffs looking like an elephant. Just you can judge it in the following picture.


And the last note at the end of this post is related to the animal. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any dolphins (and to be honest, it is very rare animal here). But we could see lots of jellyfish. Our children hunted them. I tried to take their


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