Sup yoga and Ghar Lapsi

As you know I have already attended to yoga’s lesson in Malta. But I prefer something more active and for this reason, we chose a higher level of yoga – sup yoga.

According to some ad, this kind of yoga provide an amazing full body workout, but it immerses you in a relaxing water. Paddling on an SUP provides the great cardio and core toning – but adding yoga creates a whole other dimension to the sport.

Again our lesson was held on the sunny beach – Golden Bay. First of all, I really couldn’t imagine how I would do some yoga position on the sup. But in the end, the paddling to the sea seems to be more difficult for me than yoga lesson 🙂

The finding balance took me some times. In the end, I have dared to do more advanced tricks, for example, bridge, „candle“, „split (rope)“, the only headstand was not perfect and I fell down to the sea (only one falling down, yuppie).

supyoga1 supyoga2

In short, I must say that I enjoyed this lesson very much and understood how to paddle and stand up on the sup as you can see in the following pictures. Only one bad thing is salt 🙂 At the end of the lesson I had the salt in my mouth, nose, eyes, ears and on the glasses. It is nothing that I would like. By the way, one hour cost 15 euros and the price includes the sup.

P1040809 P1040807

After having a shower we set out on our typical Sunday’s discovering trip. For this Sunday (11st June) I chose two places – Ghar Lapsi and Buskett Garden.

Ghar Lapsi is something as like as small village. But to be honest, there is only one bar, one restaurant and parking area. The small cave here is like a natural swimming pool. The rocky coast in Ghar Lapsi is excellent for snorkelling and the inlet makes a good entry point for divers. The mentioned attraction I tried to shot in the following pictures.

P1040820 P1040810

Because the wind was blowing a bit we decided not to go for a walk around the cliffs, maybe next time. But I am still full of energy (although I was sick since my pseudo tonsils) and I really needed to piffle. So you can some of my weird photos from Ghar Lapsi.

ghar9 ghar6 ghar2

Then we went back to our car and went to the surroundings of Siġġiewi. But for this time I wanted to see the place called Buskett Gardens. It is one of the few woodland areas in Malta. We came across the wedding here. But inside there was no one, quiet, draught and that’s all. I must admit my little disappointing since I was looking forward to seeing some nice green forest.

P1040827 P1040830

The Verdala Palace, an official residence of the President of Malta, stands on the edge of the Gardens. You can see it in the pictures above. Between us, I don’t think that it is a nice place for a summer residence. I would prefer something like as Gozo island :-))


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