Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

In my country, from time to time I go to the theatre or some concert. And for this reason, when Blanka told me about open air concert in Valletta I immediately wanted to visit it. The concert was held on Friday, 3rd June in St George’s Square in Valletta. What’s more, it was free 🙂

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The evaluation of my TODO list after 2 months

This Wednesday (1st June) it was exactly two months that I came to Malta. I think that the evaluation time happened. Since I’ve read some article informing that the biggest exciting passes after two months. First of all, I’d like to evaluate my approach to fulfilling of my TODO list. Pokračování textu The evaluation of my TODO list after 2 months

Dancing forever

It maybe seems that I stop writing my blog. No, that’s not true. I am always thinking about the new topic during a day. But the last days I was back at home very late. As you know I have come across dancing club Fuego (this morning I’ve found out that it means a fire in Spanish and fueco is Italian meaning since I like Italien singer Eros Ramazzotti – hear his song with this name). Pokračování textu Dancing forever