My weekend in Rome

For weekend 17th till 19th I had planned to go to Rome. So I have taken a day off on Friday. But in the result, I spent almost all day in the Malta airport. Why? Because in Fiucimino (airport in Rome) there was the official strike (I found out late) from 1pm to 5pm and my flight should have landed at 13:30 – thus Ryanair cancelled this flight – really bad luck. By the way, from 3pm to 5m the Italian national team in football  was playing against Sweden in Euro2016. I have one suspicious that…

Well, I was sitting in the airport without food and drink and waiting for airMalta flight at 18:20. My mobile phone battery was almost discharged and I couldn’t find suitable outlet since I left the reduction at home (I didn’t really count with charging in Malta) and I absolutely needed to chat with a Roman guy and solved my problem. I must admit that I was freaking out. What’s worse, the new ticket cost unbelievable 177 euros (my ticket with Ryanair cost only 20 euros). And yes, I lost one of my days off. Really shit, cramp situation (sorry, I had to say it).

Meanwhile, the Italian guys (from the same cancelled flight) tried to offer me something that I cannot write in this blog how it is inappropriate. I was absolutely fed up and thought about the Italian mentality very bad thing. But yes, I would have had money for evening’s flight… but to be honest, I would have lost my honour (at least in my eyes). In my opinion, the situation was rather awkward.

By the way, I was surprised unkindly how much Italian cannot speak English. I don’t think that my English is something perfect but I am able to manage daily problems in this language. But in the airport (and later in Rome) I came across lots of people who cannot reply me. Because first of all Ryanair announced the problem with a strike only in Italian and people started complaining and I didn’t know what happened and asked my surroundings. But it was useless a bit.

After the very hard time, I have eventually taken off with air malta and flew to Rome. In the picture, you can see Rome from the window of my plane.


Then everything was going fine, fortunately, and thank for it since I was really upset and down. My host prepared for me luxurious Italian dinner – the salad making out of the lettuce, apples, Parmigiano, beef ham (the official name I forgot) and the pieces of mozzarella.


After dinner, we set on small walking around the centre of Rome. As you can see in the following pictures I could see the famous Fontane di Trevi and Pantheon.

ja6 ja4

I am not sure in what time we were back at home and went to the bed. But it was for sure very late. And for this reason, we were sleeping almost till 11am 🙂 Thus my first food I can remark as something like as the brunch. The winner was the place consisting of lots of truly Italian sweets. I am able to call only the croissant and cannoli (the roll with white ricotta).


In the afternoon, my guide showed me around the historical centre of Rome again. I could visit by far the most famous attraction in Rome – of course, the Colosseum.

P1040847 P1040850

P1040852 P1040862

The places at the previous photos I cannot call. However, they are located near to Colosseum. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to go into Colosseum and visited The Palatino and Roman Forum, I hope next time.

P1040872 P1040877

And why didn’t I have enough time although it was just only 5 or 6pm? Because of one of the main reasons for I arrived in Rome – The Pole Theatre Italy. Yes, I visited the pole dance competition here. The main topic was the art and it is my best, I don’t like pole sport (by the way, my Czech Championship was standard pole sports event).

I must say that the category professional fulfilled my expectation. This category was further divided into 4 sub-categories – drama, comedy, art and classic. In my opinion, the classic looked like striptease show.

One of the jury was the famous pole dances – Slava Ruza and I had the honour to see him alive and then took the photo with him as you can see. I decided to collect the photos of me and the famous people from pole dance world. It is a good motivation for me (actually, I had my training immediately when I arrive in my house, I was dancing before I unpacked my luggage, I know it is a bit unnormal).

P1040889 slavaRuza

After the competition finished my Italian friend picked me up and we had the last small car walk in Rome. I could see the Embassy of Malta (through the keyhole we can see the Vatican city, but at the same time you are in Italy and stayed in front of Maltese building). And my last attraction was the entrace to the Vaticano city. It was about 1am 🙂 so there was close :-). Never mind, I hope to be here in next time.


Then we went to the home, slept and in the morning my kind Italian friend dropped me out at the bus station. And again I was rather nervous. First of all, I had only 45 minutes to get to my gate (check-in was online, I flew with Ryanair again). And I couldn’t find the security zone and the gates as well. In the end, I got to the gate on time but our flight was delayed about 30 minutes but nobody told us anything, so I was very worried as I reminded in my first cancelled flight with Ryanair.

However, I got at Malta, but I still regret 177 euros (how a useless). My first return ticket cost approximately 43 euros.

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