My first Public Holiday here

On 7th June every year, Malta commemorates the tragic events of 1919 known as the ‚Sette Giugno‘. This is in memory of the riots of 1919 when the Maltese people revolted against the British administration and demanded some form of representative government for the island. Four people died on that bad day.

For me, it meant that I had a day off. First of all, I thought that I would only have a relax – sunbathing, sleeping and so on. But I couldn’t help myself, I found sunbathing as a little boring activity.

And therefore after a lunch, I set out to Portamasso since I wanted to try a jet skiing. To be honest, I have never driven anything except a cycle. I don’t have the driving license. So I was very worried and you know that I have a bad sense of direction.


But suddenly I stood up in front of agency and the man asked me whether I was into skiing and I didn’t have any option than replied „yes, of course“. I only asked frighteningly whether I was skiing alone. Fortunately, I should had followed one young Italian guy who explained everything to me.

P1040802 P1040800

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera with me, so I don’t have any photo from the sea. By the way, I am not sure whether I would be able to take them since I had to do the best not to fall down.

In the end, I managed my riding, the maximum speed was almost 26km/h. That’s true when I am cycling I have higher speed but to be honest, the waves of the sea are nothing easy, especially for me.

My riding took 15 minutes and then I had to land in the port and it was the most problem of my riding.immediately told the Italian guy that I was unable to get my jet between other ones in narrow port. Of course, I crushed with my jet to another one.

However, I must say that I enjoyed my day off with jet skiing. Ok, I yelled a bit in the begging. It was really worth and I think that it was not last time when I tried it. But next time I would choose another place, something around the cliffs and caves on the west part of the island.

But my another dream is scuba-diving. I am worried at least the same as jet skiing. But I live only once so why I shouldn’t try it…

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