Dancing forever

It maybe seems that I stop writing my blog. No, that’s not true. I am always thinking about the new topic during a day. But the last days I was back at home very late. As you know I have come across dancing club Fuego (this morning I’ve found out that it means a fire in Spanish and fueco is Italian meaning since I like Italien singer Eros Ramazzotti – hear his song with this name).


On Monday (30th May) we were learning Salsa, on Tuesday, I found out that Columbian bachata here is a little different than our Czech and today we had a marengo and it was my first time with this dance. I enjoyed the most with bachata when the boys there didn’t let me sit down any break and I must boast myself that every praised my dancing skill. So I thank you dance school Stolárna in Brno and Martin and Dominik for my private lessons. It seems to be very useful. One black teacher even went for me (and not only once). He has his own dancing school in Swieqi and offered me to attend some lessons here.

Why did I write Columbian bachata although Columbia is not a home of this dance? Because our teacher Harry is an origin of Columbian. For this reason, his English is very similar to my command of English. What’s more, he very often spoke in Spanish and Italian as well. Especially he counted the speed of dancing in Spanish. It made me a little confused but I should follow the partner only and don’t care about anything. Besides, I have lots of opportunities to learn the other foreigner languages. Not only because of Harry but the participants are nationalities from the whole of the world. So far I have met such as Italian (mainly), French, Holland, Japanese, Hungarian, Poland and so on.

But it is not only dancing that caused my lack of time 🙂 I took up learning Italian. Yes, you read well. Once day I realised that my English is very shit and make me frustrated a bit. Well, I decided to learn another language that is used very often in Malta. Yes, it should be Maltese. But to be honest, I find this language is a little useless and terrible owing to its influence from Arabic :-). I am learning only three days. However, I like this language more and more. Maybe I am influenced with two amazing Italian singer – above mentioned Eros and of course, Bocelli.

So this article I would like to end up with a few sentences in Italian.

Ciao. Mi chiamo Hanka e io sono ceca di Brno. Brno è una bella città in Repubblica Ceca. Io abito in Swieqi, non abiti in centro. E’una piccola città. Lavoro in un ufficio. Non ho fame e sete. Non mangiemo un gelato. Non parlo tedesco e italiano bene.  Io vado a Roma perché il ragazzo romano :-)) Come ti chiami? Di dove sei? Piacere. Buononatte.

When I was boasting with my very simple Italian to my friend she replied to me that knows one luxurious sentence in French and I really must share it with you if I began this multilingual article. The sentence is „Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?“.


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