Victoria Lines with yoga

This morning (28th May) I have been invited to join my Italian friend on sun beach yoga. The lesson was held on Golden Bay at 7 AM (yes, it is the same beach when I was playing the beach volleyball one Sunday). I was very surprised that with my bad flexibility I wasn’t the worst in our group. Two next week later we should have a sup yoga (yoga on the board). Well, I am very wondering how I will balance on the water in positions of yoga, such as cobra, plank.

P1040335 P1040339 P1040341

The feeling (spirit) of yoga accompanied me during all day as you can see in the following pictures.

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Because today was Saturday I decided to set on some all day’s trip. I wanted to use that the yoga was held on the west part of the island. For this reason, I had planned to visit the Victoria Lines. On Wikipedia you can read the following: The Lines are a line of fortifications flanked by defensive towers, that spans 12 kilometres along the width of Malta, dividing the north of the island from the more heavily populated south. I am not sure about mentioned 12 km because in total I have been walking about 24 km, but to be honest, the half of part I walked twice because my start point wasn’t in the west, but near to Mosta as you can see on the map.


I must warn you that the red lines on the map are only orientation. Unfortunately, I lost the first part of the trip in my mobile (approximately 6,5 km) – the mobile phone just restarted itself without warning. By the way, I lost my printed paper map during first two kilometres as well 🙂 So, I walked without anything, just by my suspect it on 🙂 and knowledge of Malta.

The return trip to Mosta you can check here (about 9 km) and the rest part of the trip to Swieqi you can read here (about 8 km). I had to divide my trip into two parts since in Mosta I have lost my GPS signal. I don’t understand how everybody can like the smartphones … it is shit (sorry for rude) stuff.

In the first picture, you can see the city Mgarr (near this city the start point of my running competition was). In the second one, the Golden Bay beach is displayed.

P1040345 P1040377

In my opinion, the far best part of Victoria Line is spreading between the west and Mosta – no road, no people, tree, some animals (lizard, bees, cats, pigeons). But unfortunately, I came across the problem with the private property. Maltese probably don’t count with the tourists who like walking.

P1040369 P1040364 P1040359

Near to Mosta (the city with the big rotunda, I have written about it in one of the previous articles) I had to turn around the Forst as you can see one of its part in the first picture. There were also lots of caves and holes in the fortifications.

P1040369 P1040410

On the opposite side of Fort Mosta, I experienced small adventures. But it was my mistake and laziness.  The path was turning right and continuing on a path on the hillside, then turning left. It looked like a long trip and in the bottom of the valley, I could have seen some short path as you can see in the first picture (some stairs on the opposite side of the valley). Well, I thought myself that I could go down and then go up on the stairs.  The first idea (go down) was ok. The problem happened when I wanted to get to the stairs – there were lots of bushes of blackberries or whatever. Never mind, I am a courageous girl and went through the thorns (hm, my legs are still red a bit). Then I continued on the stairs and I was satisfied that I was up successful (after climbing). But how my disappoint was when I found out that the path ended up and the opposite side of my „hill“ is a limestone’s quarry. The path down I wouldn’t like to describe. To be honest, I had to use all my legs, hands and from time to time even my bottom (by the way, I wore my jeans mini skirt :-)).

P1040429 P1040422

At the photo, my dream side is still shown. From this side, it looks like a nice path with a few steps.


Look at the steps with blackberries in the begging of stairs.

P1040425 P1040422

In the following picture, there is the „hill“ (rock, cliff – I don’t know how I should call it) when I finished. In the second one, the mentioned quarry is displayed – hm, nice view out of my trupped hill.

P1040435 P1040439

In the end, I had to go down and continued on the bottom of valley and turned around the whole of valley. In total, „my short part“ took me approximatelly one hours. And as result I have lots of scratches on both of my legs.

Then I lost my GPS as I mentioned, so I used the pause for my lunch and then continued around Mosta – this part of trip I have already known from my first visiting Mosta (I shared this trip as well in one of previous posts). I took a few photos because I hurried up to Fort Madliena (near Swieqi) since the very warm weather and the supplis of my water became dissappearing. By the way, I ended up in private garden, I have just lead to my path (respectivally the wall of the Victoria Lines). Thus again I went through lots of bunches and thorns. For this reasin, I don’t recommend you to follow my shared trips in sport-tracker :-). But of course, if you like climbing, going through thorns, wasting time with nonsence direction, don’t hesitate to follow me and enjoy 🙂

P1040445 P1040456

At the end of my today’s article I add some of my photos. To be sure, I walked alone, so the shoting of myself is not easy thing. But I was creative 🙂 First of all I recorded myself by my photo camera. And at home I got some screen shots from video.

ja16 ja9 ja1

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