A vacation or a normal weekend?

You might remember that last weekend I wanted to visit the cliffs near Baħrija (in the west part of the main island). But due to the buses and my bad sense of the orientation, I ended up in Dingli cliffs. During the week, I was still thinking about doing a second attempt and when one of my friends asked me for my weekend’s plan, everything was clear. Since he owns a car we were able to visit more than one place. This is of course, usually impossible for me, due to the public transport here.

First of all, we went to the south of the island to the Blue Grotto. Grotto translates to cave or cavern in English. Well, the Blue Grotto is a number of sea caverns on the south coast, east of the fishermen’s harbour Wied iż-Żurrieq. The Blue Grotto is a popular destination for tourists on the island of Malta with boat trips to visit the caves, scuba diving, snorkelling and rock climbing being the most popular activities here (cite from Wikipedia).

We only went on a boat trip (but I am still thinking about scuba diving and why not here). It is absolutely worthwhile. You can judge in the following pictures.


P1040202 P1040199 P1040189

There are lots of caves, the biggest one is named „The Blue Grotto“, probably due to the wonderful colour of the water there. I tried to shot photos inside as well but unfortunately, I don’t have such a good camera 🙁.

P1040179 P1040164

The skipper showed us the surroundings and from time to time he drove the boat into some cave – amazing. The cruise took us about 20 minutes and the ticket for adults costs 8 euros. It is important to note that boats are operated during fair weather only, but this weekend was awesome.


At the end of first part of Sunday’s trip (22nd May), I took some pictures of myself on the cliffs. Then we set out on the second part of our trip. There (the Blue Grotto) were too many tourists for my liking since it is a typical tourist destination, even the Hop on & Hop off buses operate here and so does the public transportation but only one bus per hour.


We drove for about 30 minutes (I don’t know the exact time but it was very quick). Although this area is located on the west side of the island we got there immediately since the island is so small. There is a small car park behind the village Baħrija where we left the car and set out on the trip. Actually, it wasn’t a trip in the right sense – nothing long (as last Saturday), only 5 km as you can see here (in one part of the trip I forgot to switch on my application and for this reason it seems to look that we went through the sea on the map).

P1040281 P1040285 P1040244

The place is impossible to describe. It was simply enjoyable. I tried to take lots of photos but it is impossible for the pictures to make justice – the sky without clouds, blue colour of the sea, yellow colour of the cliffs.

P1040225 P1040283

We walked around the coast on the cliff. It is made out of limestone. Thus, the path was a bit dangerous – the terrain beneath our legs was rough.

P1040263 P1040257

We had to climb up and down from time to time, but I like this kind of walking, it’s not boring as in the main touristic part of Malta – Sliema, Valletta and so on.


We could see some fisherman although I read that the surroundings of the island are overfished (very poor for fishing).

P1040244 P1040273 P1040272

Eventually, the path came to an end, and so we had to continue through climbing only. It looked a little dangerous so we turned back and visited the opposite part of this bay.

As you can see in the last picture there was a different kind of ground. The colour was much more orange and grey in comparison to the yellow limestone.


The we got back to car park and decided to visit Buggiba and tasted the best ice-cream (according to Simone :-)). I like the ice-cream here because in the Czech Republic we don’t have the following flavours: Nutella, bounty, oreo, snickers and so on. But of course, a scoop here costs €1.50, nothing cheaper :-)) But from time to time one must enjoy and besides, I am unable to survive this weather without an ice-cream (as for example while writing this article).


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