The other goal of TODO list is done

This afternoon I got a strange idea. Just the thought sprung in my mind. I decided my hair style, maybe I should say that I changed mainly colour, not hairstyle – I think that it is still very similar as before. But immediately, in the beginning, I must say that I have never dyed my hair because, in my opinion, my natural colour is not so bad, I hope 🙂 However, everything is sometimes for the first time and one should try almost everything in life. We live only once. But let go back, the previous comments are not so important. I was only a little melancholic and philosophising.

In short, this afternoon I have visited the hair lounge in Saint Jullian’s. I go along it to home. And I really need to have a trim my damaged (jagged) ends of hair. I don’t remember when I was in hair lounge for the last time. So I decided to reward me after the championship.

But you must understand me – for me the visiting, this place was really challenging. Maybe you thought yourself why she is writing about some common thing as visiting hair lounge is… Everybody, of course, must go it from time to time. The problem was in my English. What a surprise! So far I have known only a few word related to hair – cut, colour, a comb, the hair dryer, the hair ironing and that’s all. So I didn’t know how to explain my future assistant that I need to have a trim only, shorten a bit, that I have never dyed my hair so I would like to undergo some safe process – something as like as a tint (přeliv). I have even remembered on the word „book“. But on the other hand, I could have learnt lots of new words.

And what’s the result? The whole of the process you can see in the following pictures. The first photo displays me after dyed my new colour and the second one it is from hair drying. I was surprised that the assistant washed my hair twice…maybe because of colour, I don’t know it.

vlasy3 vlasy1

But the most surprisingly things is that I probably made a mistake the whole of my life when I try to take care of my hair. As you know I have a very wave hair, probably curly. For example, when I iron my hair and go out in Malta, at the end of the street I will have wave hair again 🙁 it is because of humidity in Malta, of course. But I only wanted to say that for straight hair I use my ironing and for wave hair I use a hair dryer. But the assistant was doing these things in opposite way. First of all, she dried my hair and it became straight (the second picture) and then she used the ironing and in result, my hair was the natural wave as you can at the following photo. What a miracle! Next time I am going to try it 🙂 To be sure, I am certain that the result will be again bad 🙂


Then I asked the assistant for the taking of my photo so that I can share my new look with everybody :-)) (I know that you are not interested in it, but I am happy that I survived my idea with the hair and I am not skinhead now).

It is not easy to take a photo that could capture my real look. At the photos, my hair seems to be the same as before I visited the hair lounge. But no, the shade of hair is really darker (the sun here caused that my hair got light). The color should consists of dark purple as well and I can see it in the mirror, but not at the photo 🙂 And I have a fringe (ofina) again… but yes, it is not common fringe as you probably know, only part of my hair are shorter 🙂 I am very satisfied and I have already heard a positive feedback from people here. Yes, the price is very expensive that I am used to :-). It cost me 52 euros including blow-dry (15), cut trim ends (12) and gloss long (25). For comparison, in the Czech Republic I pay approximately 9 euros per year :-))) But as I mentioned we live only once 🙂 By the way, I find the interest in dyeing :-)) Still now I am thinking about the next colour :-)) maybe something more courageous. This was the first attempt and it is more natural 🙂



And what would I like to say at the end? I fulfil one of my TODO items 🙂 Yupiii. I should write the evaluation about my TODO list 🙂

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