The hardcore weekend

After a couple of moths, the day D happened – my first pole dance competition. I don’t still understand why I should have had this foolish idea and enrolled The Czech Championship in pole sport. But about the own competition, I am going to write another article, this one it is about lots of numerous related to my crazy travelling tired weekend.

On Friday (6th May) I was at work only until 11am, then the Czech couple (I mentioned them in one of the previous posts) dropped me out to the airport – thank them because I was really nervous about using public transport and made my plane on time. After a long trip (I was waiting for two hours in Vienna airport because a bad timing of student agency bus and my arrival, but I couldn’t do with it anything. And maybe I should admit losing in the airport and finding for the exit, so I used this time as well) I was at my parent’s flat at 10pm. I went to bed about 1am and unfortunately woke up 5:30… very short night and the morning freaked me out – at the first moment I couldn’t recognise where I was, really, I am not kidding. I read about this situation when people change places quickly but I shouldn’t have expected that something same could happen me 🙂

Thank Monča I got to Prague at 9am and the travelling was very comfortable and we both enjoyed it (understand: we spoke very much). In Prague, I spent approximately 7 hours and again with Monča I continued to Brno (my home city). In a car, I became feel tired.

Again I  ate with my parent (I had to spend (and wanted of course) some time with them when I was in my country, and unfortunately, I don’t have enough time for them, but next time, I promise). I regret not seeing my nephew and nieces but just now they have smallpox and I have never caught this children illness so I didn’t really risk to visiting them.

In the evening, I suddenly decided to drop on my friend. It caused only small inconvenience – I went to bed at 2am again and woke up at 7:30 because of my bus to Vienna at 9am. Yes, it was very short visiting my country. At 13:25 I took of directed to Malta and from 4pm I am here again. And I am happy to be although I am really tired (maybe because of afternoon’s running – only 10 km :-)).

And now I would like to share some „funny“ notes from my weekend.

Firstly, to the Czech Republic, I flow with almost empty luggage (something about 7 kg) and back 🙂 you can see the following photos. I had 18 kg, it included such as:

  • approximately 6 kg protein 🙂 (glutamine, BCAA, Herbalife) – all is not for me, really 🙂 I am not going to do a culturist
  • music notes for piano (in my house there is a piano and I became a feeling to play something so I asked my parent to look for my old notes at home)
  • thermometer and active carbon after last experience as you remember :-0
  • of course, some clothes that I was unable to pick up at my first flight (now I own some trousers in Malta, until this visiting home I had only skirts and dresses 🙂
  • inflatable whale – it is my former colleagues‘ present from SolarWinds. I promised to take a photo with it on the beach. But the whale has two metres in length, thus, it was so long for first packaging.

P1030788 P1030838

Secondly, I must share the nice photos of nature in the Czech Republic. I must admit loving nature here. I started realising how the green lawn and blossom trees are so beautiful when I miss them in Malta. At the first photo, you can see a sunset in Pálava and the second photo I shot on my balcony (in my flat).

palava P1030796

My modern design style plane to Malta I add in the next picture. So far I have flown with typical NikiFly airbus (white with the red headline of company name). By the way, in a Maltese airport, there is not any gate as I am usual in Vienna, you can go under the road, thus, I could shot my plane very close.


Because on the return flight I got the window seat I took some photos from sky :-)) In the first photo, there is Austria, maybe part of Vienna. In the second one, it should be the end landscape of Sicily, but I am not sure because of my sleeping – from time to time I asleep and woke up again (I didn’t miss the snack and juice :-))).

P1030805 P1030820

Then we flow above the sea for the first time I could have seen the archipelago at the following photo. But I am rather lazy to figure out the name of this archipelago on the Internet. I only know that it was before we were flying above Italy.


And in the end, I absolutely must add the air photos of Malta. It is a west part of the main island, you can see the Golden Bay where I have played my first beach volleyball.

P1030827 P1030823

My weekend time schedule:


  • 7-11am at work
  • 12am – encounter with friends and go to airport
  • 14:35 – 16:40 – flying
  • 18:40 – bus to Brno
  • 22-0 – with my parents


  • 5:30 – wake up
  • 6:30 – encounter with Monča and go to Prague
  • 9am – registration
  • 12am – preparation for my performance
  • 14:18-14:20 – 2 minutes performance :-))
  • 4pm – looking for a car with Monča
  • 7pm – in Brno, with parent
  • 21:30-1am – party


  • 2am – go to bed
  • 7am – I woke up without clock alarm, I was probably nervous
  • 9am – get on the bus to Vienna
  • 11:30 – at Vienna airport
  • 13:25-15:35 – flying
  • 5pm – running 🙂


  • visiting Vienna (2x), Brno (2x) and Prague
  • approximately 50 hours out of Malta
  • approximately 9,5 hours sleeping during the weekend
  • 2 minutes performance (main goal of visiting my country :-)))
  • 4 hours on the aircraft
  • 5 hours in the bus (student agency)
  • more than 4000 km on the journeys 🙂

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