The Czech championship in pole sport again

I eventually have my first professional video in pole dancing. It is, of course, from the Championship when I competed a few days ago as you know probably.

Because I was mistaken I didn’t share the video in public, first of all. But after I looked at this video I found out that the firs part of choreography is not so bad as I myself thought. After all, it was my first public performance. Besides it, I was ill and I have never danced on Gympole (only X-pole). And I got some positive feedback that I decided to reveal the link of my video. I will be grateful if you send me some feedback because I really need to hear what I should change and improve. But I am not sure whether I will ever compete again. Maybe I shouldn’t do it…


For comparison, you can look at the video of my pole dance teacher Lenča. She is the winner in her category (Elite). And in this video, you can see one of the children who Lenča also teaches. She was in the Wolrd Championship in London.

Because I can see lots of mistakes in my video I decide to attend some lesson in Malta and start training the twisted grip, jade, fish hook and so on. After I get some photos from lessons and make a progress I will probably share them.


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