Selmon Bay and Ahrax Open Cave

I got the inspiration for today’s trip (29th May), actually two trips, from the Czech website. First of all, I wanted to visit the most west and north part of this island and discovered the Ahrax Open Cave. Secondly, I wanted to visit the deserted beach in Malta (respectively, I read that there shouldn’t be the tourists) – Selmun Bay.

The start point you can see the two following photos. There was a small chapel. It is usual for Malta (there should be more than 365 churches and chapels, Maltese celebrates lots of saints almost every day and for this reason, I must hear the fireworks, but not only at night, terrible). By the way, according to some legend, the chapel was built by one survived man (the second one drawn on the rough sea). These cliffs are home to the largest colony of yelkouan shearwaters. Over 500 pairs nest here every year, which is more than 3 % of the world population of this treated bird. But to be honest, I didn’t see any one.

P1040464 simone1

From this place, we set ou on the walk around the western cliffs. During the walking we could shot lots of nice scenery as you can see the following photos – there were lots of caves in the cliffs and under the sea level.

P1040491 P1040496

I recommend some better shoes for this trip. Especially the last one kilometre was lead on the spike stones. But in the end, we were successful and could have seen the hole in the ground. I must want you that i is really obscure (it is easy to go around and don’t see the cave). From a distance, it looks like a hole in the ground. By the way, in the background of the following photos, you can see the Comino island.

P1040521 P1040511 P1040519

While we were walking back to our car we could see the big campsite here near to Armie Bay. But I must say that I wouldn’t like to camp at all – not nice beach, no shops, etc. After small refreshment, we drove to our start point – near to Mellieha.

We left our car in the car park in front of Selmun Palace (you can see this building in the picture – in my opinion, it is nothing interesting).


Then we set on walking to the Selmun Bay. We were walking around the cliffs near to the sea. It was amazing because we could see the Salt pants (It is a favourite place for camping, Maltese use the jeep for getting to this place. We could see how one of jeep stroke in the hole.).



In the following two pictures, there is the San Pawl Island. I would like to get to this island but it seems to be a little difficult since the terrain of this island – cliffs and caves, no path.

P1040579 P1040592

And now I share a few photos from the Salt pants – nice yellow colour. I could dream and sunbathe as well.

P1040589 simone7

After the second refreshment (in my case it was sunbathing time :-)) we decided to get back to the car. But it was not such easy as it could seem. After we went around the Shark Bay (there are lots of fish farms) we could have seen the Mistra Bay (another typical bay that is best-known for camping. But again I must say that it is nothing nice – small beach, no shops, lots of people, parking immediately on the road around the bay). But what’s worse, we could see our start point on the top of the hill surrounded the private properties.

In the end, we came across some path and it led to the Selmun Palace, yuppie. From the hillside, I shot the following two photos – the Mistra Bay and Bugibba in the background (on the opposite side of the sea).

P1040611 P1040606

The first trip measures about 4,7 km and you can see the route here. And the second one was about 6,7 km and the map is here. But I don’t recommend you to follow it. I mean mainly the last part of this trip. We didn’t go in the path, but climb down how it was possible 🙂 But if you like walking in nature without people and see lots of nice cliffs and deserted beaches with the wonderful blue water you will able to get an inspiration.

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