Pole dance again

Yesterday when I was writing about the Czech championship in pole sport I forgot to say lots of things and some small today’s detail reminded me that I should carry on pole dance story in this evening.

Firstly, I would like to write what the championship gave me and what took me:

It took me:

  • plenty of time to do anything else,
  • of course, I waste lots of money :-)) (but not only for lessons, it included lots of different things but never mind, I counted with it)
  • possibility wearing some my lovely dresses 🙁 I am not able to wear within my back now 🙁 probably I gain some muscles, hmm. It is not fair, I would prefer losing some fat instead of gain muscles.

It gave me:

  • the sense of life – now I have some challenge ahead myself,
  • lots of new friends,
  • maybe the sense rhythms,
  • get to know how to create the choreography, music and everything around competition background – it is very different to the running competition life,
  • lots of bruises. The funny thing is that pole dancers are proud of their bruises :-)) they don’t try to hide them :-))
  • maybe more self-confidence. All the time I had to obey how the self-esteem is so much important for good and professional performance that I try to get familiarised with it,
  • learn lots of advanced exercises on pole – such as Aysha and handsprings, shoulder mount and caterpillar climbing.

What will I do in pole dance now after the competition is over? It is an easy answer to be sure, that I don’t end up and hang pole dance on the nail :-)) Conversely, I would like to learn more advanced exercises than before, for example yesterday and today I started learning twisted grip deadlift – more information you can study here. I must admin falling down this afternoon but I don’t give up although lots of articles speak about several months than one is able to manage it clearly.

And further? I decided to support my the best teacher that I have ever met 🙂 Lenča and Pavlík will have a pole dance competition in Italy, concretely in Rome. And it wouldn’t like me if I had an idea to go to Rome from Malta. I think it is near and what’s more, the Ryanair flies every day to Rome so why not? I have just bought return air-ticket for one weekend in June, nice, I am so happy. I have never done something similar – euro-weekend :-)) I have already managed my accommodation here (but I would rather keep in secret what I though, bot no worries to be sure that I am going to write about Italian story after it happens). Let go back to my teacher. She and her boyfriend will perform with their best-known choreography Drákula a Něžná oběť. If I saw it for the first time, it made me very impressed. So I am looking forward to seeing this performance live. And what’s more, I will have two extra days for sightseeing Rome. I have never been here.

And what pole dance in future? I spoke with Maruška (my buddy in pole sport championship) about possibility to establish the second duo art 🙂 But firs of all, I must be back in my country for training together.


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