Nice today’s meeting

I am so lazy to write anything 🙂 But in short, after an illness I am back and live and of course on the pole (but I feel certain weakness – maybe I transformed to some insect with losing of muscles). Let go back, I wanted to write a few words about today’s meeting with very nice Czech couple living in Malta (actually, that’s not maybe true, judge by yourselves).

I have already mentioned that on Sunday I would have had a trip with some Czech group, but you know I couldn’t go… However, this afternoon Ms Blanka invited me to visit her shop with clothes. Not only shop but all building was very amazing, mainly the wonderful view out of the roof on Valletta.

By the way, Blanka works in Switzerland and lives in Malta, loves and spends some times in Ireland… It is very interesting. Her friend has been living in Malta for 20 years and he is a doctor, but not here 🙂 in the UK… So I am a little confused from lots of countries where this very active couple is living, working and so on.

Thank to them I will probably have lots of opportunities of meeting new people here since they organise various of meeting (trips, BBQ, the boat cruises in summer, the chello performances on the roof – maybe nex time I will play a piano, hm I should start training). I will see… Moreover, they have lots of acquaintances (of course that they are origin of Czech) that works in lots of profession. It could be very useful – some hairdresser, nails specialist (hm, I don’t know how we call this profesion in Czech), masseur.

By the way, Malta islands are one big village where everybody know everybody… I knew lots of stories and morals :-))

The evaluation of my work

The time passed so quickly that I realised I have been working for all one month in Malta. Actually, 19 days and 2 hours (see the previous post). I think that it is a good time to summarise what I have done, am doing and will be doing (provided I won’t be sacked, of course).

As I have written in one of a previous article I am working as like Quality Assurance Engineering in IT company providing on SMS services. That is services for companies who needing to send the verification codes to their following customers, something like as telecommunication provider.

I would like to note that my company owns the subsidiary company HAUD that deals with security services for mobile operators.

Let’s go back to my work (sorry my non-geek friends):

  • install LAMP server with WordPress on Ubuntu (local on the laptop) – even twice times because I am so skilful that I damaged my work :-)) (dropping database schema it probably didn’t uninstall WordPress, but never mind)
  • testLink – I asked for testLink (although my former colleagues say about it that it is a shit software, but I am used to working with it) – I have written 14 test cases so far,
  • the complete test of one product is done – it was WordPress plugin that provides two-factor authentication in case of login/register to WordPress account (by the way, we released this plugin in public),
  • test strategy plan – I wrote my first Test strategy for some product. I found a template but the text is mine 🙂 and what’s more, in English – about 10 pages,
  • virtual box – the moral from the first point was I need a snapshot of my machine 🙂 I prepared the same testing environment as like as my laptop but oh my god, why the speed of connectivity from host to guest is so slowly – for static PHP page is working ok, but my WordPress page is expired all the time. I tried to set up NAT adapter with port forwarding, HostOnly adapter and even Bridged adapter but nothing helped me 🙁 I see only one positive thing I  started understanding the virtualization and studied lots of articles about adapters between guest and host – what the interesting topic :-))
  • Although I still understand how someone can prefer Linux OS to windows I met one beauty of my Ubuntu – it is the package management via apt-get. I must say that it helped me a lot and very often it saves my time. But I think that I am still into Window :-),
  • The other thing what I have met just now (why does my university keep in secret) and immediately I appreciate is Apache build manager for Java project Maven (yes, I am programming in Java, again, during my short career I alternated at lots of main languages – Java, PHP, C# and now again Java). But with Maven everything is possible in my project – at last, I added the support of data provider for JUnit framework.
  • As you probably understand I am not only manual tester (of course, my position is calling Engineer). So I had to programme as well, but I like it because I know both webDriver (it is selenium of version 2.0) and JUnit plugin. I must boast if the terrible problem on Friday happened, I would have done with the automation of WordPress plugin. I hope that this Monday I will be ready.
  • I had to refresh my mind and repeat the knowledge of regular expression in Java and how to connect to the database via JDBC connection. But now everything is working properly. I am so happy.
  • I participate in three meetings. Hm, I hope that once I will understand everything that my colleagues say. But yes, I made the demonstration of my automation maven project. I will have some code-review in the future, so eventually, I learn something out of developers. I would appreciate.
  • And funny things in the end – I played the table football. The colleagues convinced me to try it. Hm, I don’t know whether in the end they didn’t regret 🙂 I am a very bad player… I should train during my working hours 🙂

Tha last thing that I’d like to mention is the local habit (maybe only in my department). When somebody goes abroad, after one’s arrival he/she had to buy some chocolate for colleagues (as you can see in the picture). Hm, I think that I’ll have to keep in a secret how often I am going to the Czech Republic in this year 🙂


I didn’t wish my last weekend neither friends or enemies

I haven’t got tired of writing yet, but there was an unplanned pause, I admit. First of all, I had lots of super amazing activities for these weekend. In one moment it seemed that I should have tossed a coin. But something else solved my problem definitely.

I wouldn’t like to describe it in more detail because it is a little embarrassing and nothing nice to read it.

All started probably on Thursday evening (28th April). After 14 km running I felt tired a bit and decided to sleep. On Friday morning, I didn’t feel better but the duty is a duty and I went to the work. But after two hours I had to admit my zero concentration on the work and my healthy state was worse and worse. Unfortunately, long sleeping during whole of Friday afternoon didn’t help me at all and the worst hours should come 🙁

In short, the Friday evening and Saturday I spent in bed and toilet. I have even been able to reply on FB or call with my family. My food you can see in the following pictures. However, lots of them I still have because I still suffer some kind of anorexia. By the way, 2am on Sunday night I thought that my last hour happened… some stupid stomach cramps. When I cut my paralen pill in the kitchen I have even seen the bee flying towards me. It had about 5 cm and it was not a hallucination.

P1030766 P1030765

But the miracle happened. Since this morning I feel better and better. I was able to go shopping (and bought the chocolate :-), I know that for stomach it isn’t probably the best thing, but I need a sugar badly). I prepared the lunch – diet and tasty altogether. I admit the picture is not nice but I absolutely love stewed carrot with the piece of chicken. And it probably stood me up leg. Yes, I set out on small regeneration trip. I really didn’t go for a long time 🙂 But in total it is 10,3 km. And the consequences I am feeling just now.


But you will have to understand me if you look at the photos from this trip. How I can stay and lie in the bed when the today’s weather is too wanderful. By the way, I got green in my faces during last two days and it looks like enough strange in comparison to suntan.

P1030772 P1030774 P1030777

Only yesterdat I thought myself my arrivals to the Czech Republic in next weekend it is impossible but I had to change my mind today and I hope that I won’t change it after this night 🙂 However, all is once the first in our life and the illness abroad shifts your living far away from your family and home to another level. But yes, I had to miss the firework in Valletta and Sunday’s trip with new Czech group. On the other hand, I learnt lots of new words :-)), such as diarrhea, vomitting, intensal deseases, an activated carbon and so on.

And the morals of this experience are:

  • endiaron is shit 🙂 (sorry fot so hard word, but it didn’t help me at all),
  • take a carbon for the next time,
  • ibalgin is not good for the stomach (fortunately, I read this information before I would have taken it),
  • wash the dishes although it seems to be clean (one wild cat sometimes eats here in the kitchen and not only always from her plate…),
  • clean the fruits and vedgetables more properly,
  • rather dry meat (one day I had a chicke liver and I am not sure whether it was enough well-done),
  • drink only either filtered or bottled water (although I don’t think that the water was a cause of my problem),
  • have a mercury thermometer, not digital – of course, that the battery is discharged when we need it :-).