I visited Paceville

I eventually visited Paceville. So far I’ve thought that it is another small city in Malta with the best-known street consisting of lots of pubs and clubs (and of course, a few gentlemen’s bar there are as well).  But I got an explanation that Paceville is only a designation for this area. But technically, you are still in city San Jullian.

Pokračování textu I visited Paceville

The Czech championship in pole sport again

I eventually have my first professional video in pole dancing. It is, of course, from the Championship when I competed a few days ago as you know probably.

Because I was mistaken I didn’t share the video in public, first of all. But after I looked at this video I found out that the firs part of choreography is not so bad as I myself thought. After all, it was my first public performance. Besides it, I was ill and I have never danced on Gympole (only X-pole). And I got some positive feedback that I decided to reveal the link of my video. I will be grateful if you send me some feedback because I really need to hear what I should change and improve. But I am not sure whether I will ever compete again. Maybe I shouldn’t do it… Pokračování textu The Czech championship in pole sport again

BBQ time is coming to Malta

Sunday (15th May) was a relaxing day after Saturday’s long trip. Actually, on the beachball session (I’ve written about it) I’ve met Simone (Italian guy who is living in Malta for 7 years, and before he arrived in Malta he had been working in England for a couple of years). And a few days ago he offered me to join him and his friend and go to St. Peter’s pool. It is natural swimming pool near to Marsaxlokk but far away usual tourist destination. After I saw a few photos from this place I immediately agreed. At the following map, you can see the location of this pool and I really recommend you seeing this place. In my opinion it is the second wonderful place in Malta that I have seen so far (the first is Azure Window in Gozo, of course). Thank you, Simone, for this unforgettable experience and afternoon.


I forgot to mention that the main activity here should have been a BBQ (barbeque). We all had a meeting point in the market of Marsaxlokk and then we continued on our foot to this place. During walking, I could see the caves in the following photos. And the colour of the water was so blue that I absolutely had to take lots of photos.

P1030911 P1030914 P1030930

After about 3 km we eventually were here and I stayed to stand up with open mouth. The place was so amazing – yellow rock, so crystal blue sea, no wind, only sunshine, but yes, unfortunately, there were lots of people so it was very difficult to shot some photos without people.

P1030946 P1030943

And me in St Peter’s pool. From the cliff on the left side people can jump into the water but I didn’t have so many courage. Actually, I haven’t swum at all.

P1030951 P1030949

And one of the photo it was shot on the top of a cliff.


I mentioned our main activity so I should share some proof. I like the octopus and squid but these on the picture it is not mine. I had a camembert because I was unable to buy some typical meat for BBQ in the shop what I use in the Czech Republic. Never mind, I like eating a cheese (but of course, neither ricotta or gran Padano is not suitable for BBQ).

P1030993 P1030954

And now my favourite sentence is coming. It wouldn’t like me :-)))) if I decided to go around. I climbed on the smaller cliff and the Polish boy tried to persuade me to jump into the water. But in the end, I only pretended this jumping because it was almost 5 metres under the sea level.

P1030965 P1040021

In this coast, I have met two Italian older men. One of them is a photographer Paolo and he offered me a photo-session in his next time in Malta (probably in June). And in October, he should compete in the sailing here so I will have another possibility to take professional photos in Malta. The second one is an architect but I forgot his name 🙁


And here I have met another Italian boy (yes, in Malta there are lots of Italian, but not only this nationality, I am going to speak about my conversation later). I am not sure whether we introduced each other at all 🙂 He was only one person who I have met this afternoon and his command of English was worse than me 🙂 really worse. He had to use google translator for describing what he wanted to tell me 🙂

P1040014 P1040029 P1040027

In the end of this article, I would like to mention that I’ve met and known lots of new people. Nobody was from Malta 🙂 it is funny for me, it would be impossible in my country to meet so many foreigners. I was talking with Polish girl (she studied English in Wroclaw so her English was pretty well), Spanish girl, lots os Italian guys, Moroccan girl (who was working in Latin America) and German organiser Ingo (by the way, he was wroking one year in Brasil, nice). It is so exciting to learn lots of information about other cultures and customs.

No entry, private property

„No entry, private property“ is probably the main symbol of today’s trip (14th May). The second one could be „Hanča is losing herself everywhere at any time“ but this is known fact 🙂 But I try to describe the trip from the begging.

First of all, I wanted to visit Blue Grotto and enjoy the boat cruise here but this week one of my colleagues has recommended me to the place near Baħrija. There shouldn’t be so much tourist and there should be the possibility to hiking and go down to the coast – just something that I really like it. Well, I’ve planned everything in advance and arranged with one German boy (he is living in Malta for two months and before he arrived here he had been working in Portugal) that he joined me. Everything started fine. I’ve got to Rabat on time and met Chris here but from this time I was a loser in everything 🙂 So maybe I should be happy that I’ve got to home in the end 🙂

We should have continued to Baħrija but again I persuaded myself that I really mustn’t rely on the public transport – of course, the bus was missing and the other should be going after 1 and half hour. For this reason, we decided to continue on our foot. But I was wrong immediately at the start of a trip as you can see the map below. Instead of going to the west we set out to the south 🙁 When we found out it was too late to go back. Then we made our mind up and decided to visit Dinglí Cliff. I was here last year and it is a nice place as well. Only one bad thing was that there was no pedestrian way (as usual in Malta) and we had to go along the main road. But I took some photos from this part of the trip.


P1030886 P1030887

There is a map from the trip. The green circle marks the place where I wanted to meet and know. The red line is my (and partly Chris) route and the purple area is the most beautiful part of my trip. I am going to speak about it later.


I must still say that today’s weather was so nice, from time to time some cloud appeared in the sky. Anyway, the sun was shining and the wind was not almost blowing. But my thought that I am just brown enough  wasn’t so intelligent as could seem. I really should have used the sunbathe cream. However, the mother of my landlord told me I have a wonderful nice brown skin a few minutes ago. Let go back, at the following photos, you can see the best-known Dinglí cliffs and Dingí city with a dominant church from a distance. From the map above you know that I visited this city three times 🙂 Chris wanted to buy a beer and I was looking for my favourite pastizzeria because of my lunch – qasata (we succeeded just the second attempt, so yes, I had my lunch about 3pm. However, the last food I had had at 8am, but never mind, I am not hungry during walking.).

P1030881 P1030896

At the 15th kilometres, Chris left me and went back to home (he slept for the short time because of birds near to his flat). Then I carried on alone and of course my speaking in English ended up, so I could start concentrating on the direction. But it was restless. I have even got to the nice area in Malta. I could compare to some lower mountain in the Czech Republic – a scrubby pine, something as tourist way, stones, no people. But there were lots of boards warning me that there is a private property and no entry. For this reason, I had written that my concentration on direction was restless. From the map, you can see how I was losing myself here and still trying to get near to Baħrija. Unsuccessful. I will have to visit this part of the island again because I am really curious about landscape there. If I see the photos from today’s trip (share with you below) I would believe that recommended area could be still better.

P1030907 P1030901 P1030903

In the end, I gave up my effort to get to Baħrija. Respectively, when I was here (the purple area on the map) it was about 4pm and I walked about 20km. And what’s more, I was scared about dogs here a bit because I could see them near to every private property and they barked on me. No, I wouldn’t like to figure out my beating in the hospital here, especially when I sometimes entered to the private field.

I turned round and set out to the backwards trip. And because I haven’t already trusted the buses I decided to continue to Rabat since there is a big bus station. However, the first bus was full so I went with another line to Valletta and again the first bus was full (by the way, both of stations are the start station, hm, I wouldn’t have expected any problem for getting on, but of course, we are in Malta, everything is possible and unbelievable here). Inside the second bus I slept and I could be happy not to miss my bus stop. Now I am a little tired because of 30 km in my legs and shining on my skin.

Tomorrow I am going to have a rest a little more but anyone never knows, especially in my case.

Maltese life and customs

Since I live in another country I am really curious about the customs, standard of living, welfare system and so on here. I very often start my day with reading a news (sometimes Czech and sometimes Maltese). Yesterday (12nd May) I came across one article about divorces in Malta. It made me a surprised, for this reason, I’d like to share my new knowledge with you.

In 2011 the referendum about divorces was held in Malta. As you can read here – divorce was not introduced until October 2011, despite civil marriage being introduced in 1975. So far I have thought that every country, especially in the European Union, allows the divorces. But there is probably strong influence of religious that it was unimaginatable to have a divorce. As I read on Wikipedia  98% of the population is Catholic. But to be honest, not everybody is the „right“ faithful (understand: regularly visitor of church). However, Maltese celebrates their saints with the best-known fireworks and there should be almost 365 different churches, temples and so on and each of them has their saint. You suspect right, they have to celebrate almost every day in a year.

The second interesting thing related to divorces was that the people could have decided via referendum. And what’s more, the voter rate is unusual high according to me whet I compare it with our Czech voter rate. It was about 75 %. But as I have speaken with my colleague today in Maltese opinion it is very weak – when they had a referendum about EU the voter rate should have been about 90 %. And yes, I read somewhere that Maltese are proud of their nationality and try to deal with politics approaching of this country. What a nice! I’d wish that Czech isn’t so indifferent.


As I menioned above this afternoon I have been talking (writing) with colleague about divorces and it caused the longer discussion when I have learnt lots of information from Maltese laws. I is good to know 🙂

Such as, the abortion is illegal here. And the morning pill (B-plan) is also illegal. I was wonder how people figure out the situation when the man raped the woman and she becomes pregnant. My former colleagues gave me an idea whether there are some baby-boxes in Malta. I don’t know whether this term is known around the whole of world so I try to explain to my foreigner readers. It is box located in the hospital that woman in inconvenient situation (narkoman, without money or home, etc.) can leave her newborn. Putting a child in the box anonymous and then she goes away. I was looking for the baby-boxes in Malta but I was unsuccesfull. Thus, I think that there is nothing similar our system with baby-boxes. So I relly don’t know how Maltese women solve the problematic situation that they can afford to have a baby…

And the last thing what I am going to write in this article is related to vacation. I was really curious how residents spend their vacation and days off. According lots of sources on the Internet the answer is easy and maybe surpise. Lots ot them go to Gozo (the second and smaller island of this archipelago). If I should compare the same situation in the Czech Republic you should imaginate that you go every year to Orlik, Lipno, mountain Beskydy or so on, just one small part in our nature and every year at the same place. Yes, for me Gozo is wonderful and nice calm place and sure it is the most interesting and lovely part of Malta archipelago – I absolutely agree and I am going to spend lots of days during weekend here. But for vacation? It doesn’t make me sense. Especially when the Rynair is flying from Malta almost every day. I would use that Malta is so near to Africa and visit Maroco, Tunnis, whatever here. But yes, another country, another culture and behave.

In the end, I would like to say that I really don’t offend to Maltese with this article. I wouldn’t like to cause some misunderstanding. I am glad to know information about daily reality and life here and I don’t judge the country only politics and law and so on. Conversely, I am still excited about everything here. It is really worth living abroad and learning different culture. You can’t read this in the guiedbook, you can experience 🙂

Make friends & speak English – St. Julian’s

Make friends & speak English – St. Julian’s is the name of the event when I have attended this evening. It is organised by English Cafe and if I understand all well it is held at the same place in St. Julian’s every Thursday. Because it is not far way from my accommodation and I am still seeking for new opportunities how to improve my English and I am so much lazy to start learning from the textbook or watching some movies on my laptop I decided to use this chance and try it.

However, I must admit my effort to avoid this event. Yes, I am an introvert and I don’t like places where I should speak loudly, let alone in English. But I eventually made my psychic block in my head and visited this event. There is a small donation (2 euros) – probably because the organiser must book the whole of one floor in one pub.

The event has two main part. The first one is organised and the second one should be the standard party with music and without any organised activity. Today this first part consisted of two exercises. Firstly, you had 2 minutes for talking with one same person and try to introduce each other, then the organiser rang the bell and you had to switch to another partner and the show could happen again. After 20 minutes, this activity ended up. For me is funny and maybe interesting that the male part of participants remembered my named immediately although I said that I am Hanka, not Hana which could be more difficult for someone to say it. But I was unable to remember any name of someone and I don’t think that I have a bad memory.

P1030865 P1030863

Anyway, during the second exercise, we should have created the bunch of three people and discussed the topic related to work-life balance. The funny thing happened, we made only the first question and when I mentioned that it depends on kind of job and for example I am working in IT and for this reason I have flexible working hours, the whole of discussion was focused on IT. But I don’t really speak about work, I just distinguish between my profession and personal life.

In the end, the Maltese guy (David – only one name who I have remembered from this day) explained Maltese alphabet and pronounce to me. Because on my laptop I have a Czech keyboard, of course, I am unable to write the Maltese letters, so I took a photo and share with you. Maybe you understand why every local ask me what’s exactly my name – Hana or Anna?

P1030869 P1030870

After approximately one hour the organised part of an event ended up and we should continue with talking or join the party. I have been talking with David for about other one hour. He is also IT worker, developer, so we mentioned some topics from this area. I don’t understand how it is possible that I come across someone who knows the same area and we discuss databases, programming languages and so on. By the way, we meet the other topics – politics (their president has the same competence as our), public transport (fumes in the old version of buses), divorces (I am going to write the own article about it tomorrow), accept foreigners by Maltese (the penetration is not easy at all and it caused the British rule here, probably).

By the way, there you can come across lots of nationalities. For example, I spoke with a German girl, an Italian girl, two Maltese guys, a Turkic boy and one Brazil boy. The last one was a  very kind man and we were talking about travelling and our plans for vacation. I had an opportunity to meet new information about Brazil – zika, safety here, different language against Portugal and so on. Lots of people were students English in Malta, but some of them are here for pleasure (vacation) and only heart about this events.

In result, I think that it was worth spending about 2,5 hours here. I could practise my English, meet new people and accept some invitation. But I thought myself if I accept invitations in this speed, very soon I won’t have any my leisure time, let alone time for running and pole dancing.

The last thing what I would like to write in the end is related my way to home. If I left the pub and return back, I found out that the pub looks like as some gentlemen bar. You can judge it from the following photo. But to be sure, if I came here during daily light, it looked like a normal pub. Our floor was even non-smoking. During on my way to home I had a possibility to hear common summer Maltese firework (celebration some of their saints). Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything.



My first presentation in English

Of course, I had some presentation in English during my studies but if I remembered well none took more than 15 minutes and I usually gave a talk with someone other. Well, today it has been my premiere.

For this reason, I tried to prepare and let nothing be by chance. Yesterday (10th May) I created the ppt presentation. I always used to write it in powerpoint from MS Office package but I didn’t have this tool 🙁 Never mind, LibreOffice fulfil its purpose. Further, I prepared my speech because I was nervous about forgetting my ideas :-)) especially in English. I took my prepared paper at home and about today 1 AM, I had enough time to say my speech in loudly.

This morning I have found out that I have a problem with one of demonstration in case of I am using WIFI connection on my laptop. And unfortunately I couldn’t find any suitable solution but in the end, I didn’t need to solve it since another problem has occurred (firewall).

What’s my topic? Because it is maybe internal information related to my work I can’t say so much. You know that I am QA with focusing on automation so you are able to imagine what I could probably demonstrate to developers in my company.

And what’s my feelings? In my opinion, it wasn’t so bad as I expected for the first time. What is interesting for me is the fact that I wasn’t nervous before the presentation. It is unusual for me. But I must thank my colleagues, mainly our main senior architect, who tried to understand me and they sometimes ended up my speech. But I came across a different problem that I should have expected. The biggest problem is not English (yes, of course, I am sometimes unable to express because I don’t know needed vocabulary) but my technical knowledge. I found that I use lots of tools, frameworks, coding technic and I don’t know exactly how to describe somebody else or how to explain what it exactly means and so on. Well, now I don’t know whether I should start learning IT harder or I should deal with English. It is a big dilemma. The solution could be learning

The solution could be learning English via technical articles from IT worlds. But I know myself and my approach to reading some technical articles :-)) especially from IT. I would rather start studying English and then I can see how many effort I will have for another studying :-))

Anyway, I think that in result I succeed because I was speaking about one hour and show everything that I wanted and it seems that colleagues understood what I really wanted to share with them. And what’s more, I have got a feedback and the ideas what I should find out in more detail. Thus, tomorrow I have a plan…

Pole dance again

Yesterday when I was writing about the Czech championship in pole sport I forgot to say lots of things and some small today’s detail reminded me that I should carry on pole dance story in this evening.

Firstly, I would like to write what the championship gave me and what took me:

It took me:

  • plenty of time to do anything else,
  • of course, I waste lots of money :-)) (but not only for lessons, it included lots of different things but never mind, I counted with it)
  • possibility wearing some my lovely dresses 🙁 I am not able to wear within my back now 🙁 probably I gain some muscles, hmm. It is not fair, I would prefer losing some fat instead of gain muscles.

It gave me:

  • the sense of life – now I have some challenge ahead myself,
  • lots of new friends,
  • maybe the sense rhythms,
  • get to know how to create the choreography, music and everything around competition background – it is very different to the running competition life,
  • lots of bruises. The funny thing is that pole dancers are proud of their bruises :-)) they don’t try to hide them :-))
  • maybe more self-confidence. All the time I had to obey how the self-esteem is so much important for good and professional performance that I try to get familiarised with it,
  • learn lots of advanced exercises on pole – such as Aysha and handsprings, shoulder mount and caterpillar climbing.

What will I do in pole dance now after the competition is over? It is an easy answer to be sure, that I don’t end up and hang pole dance on the nail :-)) Conversely, I would like to learn more advanced exercises than before, for example yesterday and today I started learning twisted grip deadlift – more information you can study here. I must admin falling down this afternoon but I don’t give up although lots of articles speak about several months than one is able to manage it clearly.

And further? I decided to support my the best teacher that I have ever met 🙂 Lenča and Pavlík will have a pole dance competition in Italy, concretely in Rome. And it wouldn’t like me if I had an idea to go to Rome from Malta. I think it is near and what’s more, the Ryanair flies every day to Rome so why not? I have just bought return air-ticket for one weekend in June, nice, I am so happy. I have never done something similar – euro-weekend :-)) I have already managed my accommodation here (but I would rather keep in secret what I though, bot no worries to be sure that I am going to write about Italian story after it happens). Let go back to my teacher. She and her boyfriend will perform with their best-known choreography Drákula a Něžná oběť. If I saw it for the first time, it made me very impressed. So I am looking forward to seeing this performance live. And what’s more, I will have two extra days for sightseeing Rome. I have never been here.

And what pole dance in future? I spoke with Maruška (my buddy in pole sport championship) about possibility to establish the second duo art 🙂 But firs of all, I must be back in my country for training together.


The championship in pole sport 2016

During weekend 7-8 May the Czech Championship in pole sport was held in the capital city Prague. Last year (at the end of November) I spoke with my pole dance teacher Lenča about the possibility of performance here. But I must warn you that I started training more (understand: attend to private lessons just in November) so I am a beginner (laik) although I have met pole dance in August 2014. However, the private lesson is totally something different than standard group lesson with the other girls – such as I had to take some supplement (glutamine), otherwise I was unable to train so much, but it is another story about my love – pole dance (maybe next time).

I wouldn’t expect how much time the preparation for competition could take me. In the end, I had two private lessons a week and almost every day I practise pole dance at my home (of course I had to change a little my schedule in Malta but I still trained almost every day). But preparation is not only about training the individual exercises and figures. You need to find the suitable music, shorten it to only 2 minutes. Further, you need a special dress for final performance. Of course, that must match lots of rules. And I wouldn’t remember the main part is thinking about the choreography because there are lots of rules for it as well if you don’t want to lose lots of points.

Let go back to the own championship. I performed at amateur category with Maruška (thank you for support, I really needed it). The registration started at 9 and until 11AM we had a possibility to try the pole. So far I have used to a X-pole, but there was Gym pole. The biggest difference is the speed of spin – very quickly. But fortunately, it wasn’t slippery as I was worried for the first time.

Before a performance, it was necessary to prepare me – put on some make-up and clothes (thank Erika for sewing). I also changed my hairstyle with Maruška’s help. Approximately at 14 it was my turn. Big thank Lenča for support before the performance. She has been spending some time with me and Maruška and enforced us to warm-up and breathing. I think that it was very helpful because during my show I didn’t feel any nervosity and I must admit that it was the first time when I danced in my dress and on Gym pole (in addition after illness).

You can see the photos before and after with Maruška and Lenča.

pred po

The last big thank is for Monča who was so willing to drop me out to Prague and back to Brno. And what’s more, I enjoyed talking with her during all our trip in a car. Yes, we were finding for a car in Prague because Monča parked it and went to Hybernia theatre owing to watch our show. But in my opinion, it was funny how two women (from Brno, that is a village in eyes of Prague people) were asking everybody how to get Karlín and almost other person was a foreigner – what it reminds me :-)) (maybe Malta life :-)).

And there is one photo outside the theatre. I don’t have more photos so far but after I get the professional photos from the show I will share them probably here.


And what’s about result? First of all, I was satisfied because I didn’t fell down. But unfortunately in one trick I slipped a bit and for this reason I had to improvise, otherwise I would have finished sooner than music and it is problem (you lose some point if you are not in the rhytmus of music). This evening I’ve found out the result amount of my points and I am not satisfied at all. I know that it was fair and I still must work on my flexibility, self-confidence, weigh (of course that I am thicker than the pole dancer should be) and so on. I only hope that I didn’t shame Lenča because she gave me lots of advices and spent with me couple of hours. I promise to continue with this nice amazing sport (this evening I started training again, maybe for next championship).


The hardcore weekend

After a couple of moths, the day D happened – my first pole dance competition. I don’t still understand why I should have had this foolish idea and enrolled The Czech Championship in pole sport. But about the own competition, I am going to write another article, this one it is about lots of numerous related to my crazy travelling tired weekend.

On Friday (6th May) I was at work only until 11am, then the Czech couple (I mentioned them in one of the previous posts) dropped me out to the airport – thank them because I was really nervous about using public transport and made my plane on time. After a long trip (I was waiting for two hours in Vienna airport because a bad timing of student agency bus and my arrival, but I couldn’t do with it anything. And maybe I should admit losing in the airport and finding for the exit, so I used this time as well) I was at my parent’s flat at 10pm. I went to bed about 1am and unfortunately woke up 5:30… very short night and the morning freaked me out – at the first moment I couldn’t recognise where I was, really, I am not kidding. I read about this situation when people change places quickly but I shouldn’t have expected that something same could happen me 🙂

Thank Monča I got to Prague at 9am and the travelling was very comfortable and we both enjoyed it (understand: we spoke very much). In Prague, I spent approximately 7 hours and again with Monča I continued to Brno (my home city). In a car, I became feel tired.

Again I  ate with my parent (I had to spend (and wanted of course) some time with them when I was in my country, and unfortunately, I don’t have enough time for them, but next time, I promise). I regret not seeing my nephew and nieces but just now they have smallpox and I have never caught this children illness so I didn’t really risk to visiting them.

In the evening, I suddenly decided to drop on my friend. It caused only small inconvenience – I went to bed at 2am again and woke up at 7:30 because of my bus to Vienna at 9am. Yes, it was very short visiting my country. At 13:25 I took of directed to Malta and from 4pm I am here again. And I am happy to be although I am really tired (maybe because of afternoon’s running – only 10 km :-)).

And now I would like to share some „funny“ notes from my weekend.

Firstly, to the Czech Republic, I flow with almost empty luggage (something about 7 kg) and back 🙂 you can see the following photos. I had 18 kg, it included such as:

  • approximately 6 kg protein 🙂 (glutamine, BCAA, Herbalife) – all is not for me, really 🙂 I am not going to do a culturist
  • music notes for piano (in my house there is a piano and I became a feeling to play something so I asked my parent to look for my old notes at home)
  • thermometer and active carbon after last experience as you remember :-0
  • of course, some clothes that I was unable to pick up at my first flight (now I own some trousers in Malta, until this visiting home I had only skirts and dresses 🙂
  • inflatable whale – it is my former colleagues‘ present from SolarWinds. I promised to take a photo with it on the beach. But the whale has two metres in length, thus, it was so long for first packaging.

P1030788 P1030838

Secondly, I must share the nice photos of nature in the Czech Republic. I must admit loving nature here. I started realising how the green lawn and blossom trees are so beautiful when I miss them in Malta. At the first photo, you can see a sunset in Pálava and the second photo I shot on my balcony (in my flat).

palava P1030796

My modern design style plane to Malta I add in the next picture. So far I have flown with typical NikiFly airbus (white with the red headline of company name). By the way, in a Maltese airport, there is not any gate as I am usual in Vienna, you can go under the road, thus, I could shot my plane very close.


Because on the return flight I got the window seat I took some photos from sky :-)) In the first photo, there is Austria, maybe part of Vienna. In the second one, it should be the end landscape of Sicily, but I am not sure because of my sleeping – from time to time I asleep and woke up again (I didn’t miss the snack and juice :-))).

P1030805 P1030820

Then we flow above the sea for the first time I could have seen the archipelago at the following photo. But I am rather lazy to figure out the name of this archipelago on the Internet. I only know that it was before we were flying above Italy.


And in the end, I absolutely must add the air photos of Malta. It is a west part of the main island, you can see the Golden Bay where I have played my first beach volleyball.

P1030827 P1030823

My weekend time schedule:


  • 7-11am at work
  • 12am – encounter with friends and go to airport
  • 14:35 – 16:40 – flying
  • 18:40 – bus to Brno
  • 22-0 – with my parents


  • 5:30 – wake up
  • 6:30 – encounter with Monča and go to Prague
  • 9am – registration
  • 12am – preparation for my performance
  • 14:18-14:20 – 2 minutes performance :-))
  • 4pm – looking for a car with Monča
  • 7pm – in Brno, with parent
  • 21:30-1am – party


  • 2am – go to bed
  • 7am – I woke up without clock alarm, I was probably nervous
  • 9am – get on the bus to Vienna
  • 11:30 – at Vienna airport
  • 13:25-15:35 – flying
  • 5pm – running 🙂


  • visiting Vienna (2x), Brno (2x) and Prague
  • approximately 50 hours out of Malta
  • approximately 9,5 hours sleeping during the weekend
  • 2 minutes performance (main goal of visiting my country :-)))
  • 4 hours on the aircraft
  • 5 hours in the bus (student agency)
  • more than 4000 km on the journeys 🙂