No entry, private property

„No entry, private property“ is probably the main symbol of today’s trip (14th May). The second one could be „Hanča is losing herself everywhere at any time“ but this is known fact 🙂 But I try to describe the trip from the begging.

First of all, I wanted to visit Blue Grotto and enjoy the boat cruise here but this week one of my colleagues has recommended me to the place near Baħrija. There shouldn’t be so much tourist and there should be the possibility to hiking and go down to the coast – just something that I really like it. Well, I’ve planned everything in advance and arranged with one German boy (he is living in Malta for two months and before he arrived here he had been working in Portugal) that he joined me. Everything started fine. I’ve got to Rabat on time and met Chris here but from this time I was a loser in everything 🙂 So maybe I should be happy that I’ve got to home in the end 🙂

We should have continued to Baħrija but again I persuaded myself that I really mustn’t rely on the public transport – of course, the bus was missing and the other should be going after 1 and half hour. For this reason, we decided to continue on our foot. But I was wrong immediately at the start of a trip as you can see the map below. Instead of going to the west we set out to the south 🙁 When we found out it was too late to go back. Then we made our mind up and decided to visit Dinglí Cliff. I was here last year and it is a nice place as well. Only one bad thing was that there was no pedestrian way (as usual in Malta) and we had to go along the main road. But I took some photos from this part of the trip.


P1030886 P1030887

There is a map from the trip. The green circle marks the place where I wanted to meet and know. The red line is my (and partly Chris) route and the purple area is the most beautiful part of my trip. I am going to speak about it later.


I must still say that today’s weather was so nice, from time to time some cloud appeared in the sky. Anyway, the sun was shining and the wind was not almost blowing. But my thought that I am just brown enough  wasn’t so intelligent as could seem. I really should have used the sunbathe cream. However, the mother of my landlord told me I have a wonderful nice brown skin a few minutes ago. Let go back, at the following photos, you can see the best-known Dinglí cliffs and Dingí city with a dominant church from a distance. From the map above you know that I visited this city three times 🙂 Chris wanted to buy a beer and I was looking for my favourite pastizzeria because of my lunch – qasata (we succeeded just the second attempt, so yes, I had my lunch about 3pm. However, the last food I had had at 8am, but never mind, I am not hungry during walking.).

P1030881 P1030896

At the 15th kilometres, Chris left me and went back to home (he slept for the short time because of birds near to his flat). Then I carried on alone and of course my speaking in English ended up, so I could start concentrating on the direction. But it was restless. I have even got to the nice area in Malta. I could compare to some lower mountain in the Czech Republic – a scrubby pine, something as tourist way, stones, no people. But there were lots of boards warning me that there is a private property and no entry. For this reason, I had written that my concentration on direction was restless. From the map, you can see how I was losing myself here and still trying to get near to Baħrija. Unsuccessful. I will have to visit this part of the island again because I am really curious about landscape there. If I see the photos from today’s trip (share with you below) I would believe that recommended area could be still better.

P1030907 P1030901 P1030903

In the end, I gave up my effort to get to Baħrija. Respectively, when I was here (the purple area on the map) it was about 4pm and I walked about 20km. And what’s more, I was scared about dogs here a bit because I could see them near to every private property and they barked on me. No, I wouldn’t like to figure out my beating in the hospital here, especially when I sometimes entered to the private field.

I turned round and set out to the backwards trip. And because I haven’t already trusted the buses I decided to continue to Rabat since there is a big bus station. However, the first bus was full so I went with another line to Valletta and again the first bus was full (by the way, both of stations are the start station, hm, I wouldn’t have expected any problem for getting on, but of course, we are in Malta, everything is possible and unbelievable here). Inside the second bus I slept and I could be happy not to miss my bus stop. Now I am a little tired because of 30 km in my legs and shining on my skin.

Tomorrow I am going to have a rest a little more but anyone never knows, especially in my case.

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