My first running competition abroad

In the Czech Republic, I participated in lots of the running competition so once I thought myself why I shouldn’t try some competition here. It could be an  interesting experience for me – try the another weather conditions and terrain. On the Internet, I found out that in May there should be mountain running competition. Immediately I enrol and today (21st May) day D happened.

But probably because of the weather in June the competition started at 7 PM so I had the whole of a day for my exploration Malta again. First of all, I was going to Birkirkara. It is one of the heavily populated city with Qormi in Malta. Probably it is not so much interesting for the tourist. But I knew that there is old aqueduct as you can see in the following photos. By the way, I climbed in it and walk here. Of course, that some of the drivers had to beep on me. But in reply, I waved them.

P1040067 P1040068

Then I visited the Anton Gardens. The following pictures are proof that in Malta there are some plants :-)) not only dry landscape. Today’s Presidential Palace and its surrounding gardens formed part of a private property of Fra Antoine de Paule prior to his becoming Grand Master in 1623. During the British rule, this place became the official residence of the British governors. Part of the garden as we know them today were officially inaugurated as a public garden in 1882. When Malta became a Republic in 1974 San Anton Palace became the official residence of President Malta.

I must say that the Botanical garden was so amazing that I was walking here about 1 hour despite the small size of the garden. The entrance is free in comparison with the garden in Brno.

P1040070 P1040093 P1040098

There aren’t only plants, three but I could even see the small lake with birds. I would never expect that I come across the swan, the peacock in Malta, really not. Although I consider the swan as a common bird (but of course in the Czech Republic).

P1040108 P1040080

And now two photos of me. It is before the running competition so I look like a relax and happy.

P1040100 P1040099

Approximately in the middle of the garden, there is a maze and of course, I had to try whether I lost myself here :-). No, I was a winner and way out. At the second photo, you can see the Japanese present. I cite: This is a gift from the copperware manufacturers of Takoya Japan and Japan Cherry Blossom Association in 1970.

P1040091 P1040086

And now a few knowledge from Biology 🙂 The biggest tree here was Ficus Macrophylla (in English Moreton Bay Fig) from Australia. The most lawns here consist of Pelargorium Spp. (in English Geraniums and in Maltese Sardinell). But I could see violas grasses as well. From the trees, I was able to recognise only lemon and orange tree and maybe I would recognise the olive three, but that’s all. The name of the tree at the first photo is Chorisa Speciosa (in English Silk Floss Tree) from South America, and at the second one is Meryta denhamii (in English Pacific Puka) from New Caledonia. Now I look so smart :-))

P1040105 P1040103

After I enjoyed time in Anton Gardens, found my favourite Pastizzeria (but they didn’t have my qasata so I had something similar but I wasn’t satisfied, I could feel the oil, brr). Then one of my Maltese friend here dropped me out to Bingemma where it was the start point of the competition. In the first picture you can see the end of point this competition (yes, it was another place, a little problem for me since I had not accompanied who would take care of my luggage – there was not luggage checkroom as I know from my country, there even wasn’t a toilet, hm). If I had looked at maps or known that it would be my end point, I would probably have changed my mind.

The distance was only 5,6km, nothing bad for me but as you can see here  the elevation was about 140m and almost the whole of the route you had to run up. But I should have suspected when the official name of the competition is Perskindol National Mountain Running Championship. Besides missing checkroom and toilet, I was surprised how many people here were professional runners (probably, they looked like as professional and their speed was very good). There were about 40 people and the last one ended up under 40 minutes. In comparison my country it is a big difference, maybe there is not so much usual that the amateurs are the participant of competitions. I don’t know. However, I have met her Maltese boys who was amateur as me and what’s more he was kind of me and offered to give me a lift. So I was at home at the same time when my bus should have been going from Bingemma. I am so much obligated because I was sweating and the wind was still blowing so much strong. And yes, I feel that I am tired (of course, again I didn’t stretch after I ran).

P1040129 P1040134

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