Maltese life and customs

Since I live in another country I am really curious about the customs, standard of living, welfare system and so on here. I very often start my day with reading a news (sometimes Czech and sometimes Maltese). Yesterday (12nd May) I came across one article about divorces in Malta. It made me a surprised, for this reason, I’d like to share my new knowledge with you.

In 2011 the referendum about divorces was held in Malta. As you can read here – divorce was not introduced until October 2011, despite civil marriage being introduced in 1975. So far I have thought that every country, especially in the European Union, allows the divorces. But there is probably strong influence of religious that it was unimaginatable to have a divorce. As I read on Wikipedia  98% of the population is Catholic. But to be honest, not everybody is the „right“ faithful (understand: regularly visitor of church). However, Maltese celebrates their saints with the best-known fireworks and there should be almost 365 different churches, temples and so on and each of them has their saint. You suspect right, they have to celebrate almost every day in a year.

The second interesting thing related to divorces was that the people could have decided via referendum. And what’s more, the voter rate is unusual high according to me whet I compare it with our Czech voter rate. It was about 75 %. But as I have speaken with my colleague today in Maltese opinion it is very weak – when they had a referendum about EU the voter rate should have been about 90 %. And yes, I read somewhere that Maltese are proud of their nationality and try to deal with politics approaching of this country. What a nice! I’d wish that Czech isn’t so indifferent.


As I menioned above this afternoon I have been talking (writing) with colleague about divorces and it caused the longer discussion when I have learnt lots of information from Maltese laws. I is good to know 🙂

Such as, the abortion is illegal here. And the morning pill (B-plan) is also illegal. I was wonder how people figure out the situation when the man raped the woman and she becomes pregnant. My former colleagues gave me an idea whether there are some baby-boxes in Malta. I don’t know whether this term is known around the whole of world so I try to explain to my foreigner readers. It is box located in the hospital that woman in inconvenient situation (narkoman, without money or home, etc.) can leave her newborn. Putting a child in the box anonymous and then she goes away. I was looking for the baby-boxes in Malta but I was unsuccesfull. Thus, I think that there is nothing similar our system with baby-boxes. So I relly don’t know how Maltese women solve the problematic situation that they can afford to have a baby…

And the last thing what I am going to write in this article is related to vacation. I was really curious how residents spend their vacation and days off. According lots of sources on the Internet the answer is easy and maybe surpise. Lots ot them go to Gozo (the second and smaller island of this archipelago). If I should compare the same situation in the Czech Republic you should imaginate that you go every year to Orlik, Lipno, mountain Beskydy or so on, just one small part in our nature and every year at the same place. Yes, for me Gozo is wonderful and nice calm place and sure it is the most interesting and lovely part of Malta archipelago – I absolutely agree and I am going to spend lots of days during weekend here. But for vacation? It doesn’t make me sense. Especially when the Rynair is flying from Malta almost every day. I would use that Malta is so near to Africa and visit Maroco, Tunnis, whatever here. But yes, another country, another culture and behave.

In the end, I would like to say that I really don’t offend to Maltese with this article. I wouldn’t like to cause some misunderstanding. I am glad to know information about daily reality and life here and I don’t judge the country only politics and law and so on. Conversely, I am still excited about everything here. It is really worth living abroad and learning different culture. You can’t read this in the guiedbook, you can experience 🙂

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