I like my job

The impossible becomes possible. I am working almost 7 weeks in Malta and they haven’t still fired me 🙂 And what’s more, I like my job. After a long time, I am looking forward to going to my work (every day, really, unbelievable).  Anyway, I would like to write a few notices that happened from my last article about my working.

  • I have a new love – stack overflow. For my non-IT friends, it is a big community (website) that the programmers are helping each other. To be honest, I’ve spent lots of time on this website and it helped my honour several times 🙂 But as my friend says it is a polygamic promiscuity partner, thus not so good partner for life together 🙂
  • SoapUI is not so bad software as I thought about it for the first time. Even the free version made me surprised nicely. Yes, it is unable to create HTML or PDF report of result my test scenarios but the short view in the command line is enough for the time being. Moreover, I found out how I can parametrize my POST requests that I use for testing RESTfull web services. There is even the possibility to scripting and connect request with the database via JDBC connection.
  • However, in the end, I created another maven project that can do the same things as manually created test cases in SoapUI. I would never believe that I am able to make up something as like as sending a POST request to API of RESTful service, then parse JSON response so that I can check whether the result consists of 200 status code and other significant parameters.
  • I had the first presentation in English when I was describing something about automation – see here.
  • And I’ve met my new trainer – pluralsight. To be honest, so far I have trained a little less than I should.

And what could I say at the end of this article? I christened my laptop 🙂 Ok, it was not intentionally.  However, I knocked the glass of water over and of course, on laptop 🙂 Actually, I was hurrying up to the meeting where I should just give a talk. Never mind, it is still working properly.

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