I am not lazy and still train

Because my championship is over I can train new trick on the pole. I try to train almost every day but I must admit small progress :-(. I focus on twisted grip into ironX as I have written in some previous article. But this trick requires long preparation and having stronger muscles (mainly around elbow joints). For this reason, I choose various kind of tricks that could be helpful on my way to IronX.

I share a few photos from my two latest training. Let start with some easier.

When I took up pole dance I was able to do only spins (various kind of spins) and later we were training the basic climbing. Further, we carry on with the first invert. But it was more boring to using an invert to get your position with head down and bottom up, I’ve learnt shoulder mount.

In the first picture we can see the start position and in the second one, there is the end position ( I recommend looking some video because it isn’t a static trick).

shouldertStart shouldertEnd

Unfortunately, I don’t know English names of the following tricks. However, both of them are the represent some of easier tricks. The first one is called in Czech as „balíček“ (box liberally translated) and the second one is ptáček (bird liberally translated). I must say that my bird is not nice, I must improve it.

balicek ptacek

Another easy trick that I am able to do is the layback. For you imagination I add two photos. I like it because it is relaxing to hang on the pole.

layback2 layback

When I am on spin pole (yes, we can set up every pole into two modes – static and spin) I like doing Gemini and scorpion or legs switch. In the following pictures, you can see Scorpio (the first one) and the Scorpio cocoon. Again I must admit that my performance is not good. I should be more flexible on my back and push my right leg more down.

scorpio tockaNaTyciZezadu tockaNaTyci

I share the photo of superman trick. If you don’t like a paint, I won’t recommend to train it. Now, it is not painful for me but I remembered several times when my inner things looked like I was raped 🙂 really. The wonderful sequence is when we start with cupid (I don’t have a photo now) and rotate your body to the superman.


Now I get to the tricks that I have been training for a short time or starting with them. Thus, I apologise for worse making a trick.

The first one is a caterpillar. It is the kind of climbing but with head down :-). This trick was a part of my championship choreography. The second photo shows me in the extended butterfly. I know three kinds of butterfly trick and this one should be the most difficult because you need to be more flexible.

caterpillar extendedButterfly

From layback, we can continue to various kinds of tricks, such as iguana (the first photo) and fish hook. Because I didn’t know the fish hook, the second photo is bad. However, I was discussing with my teacher Lenča (thank you for help and support me in spite of a distance between us) and tomorrow I will be smart maybe.

iguana iguanaSNohou

As I’ve mentioned above my flexibility is very bad and of course, pole dance is not only power, you need to be flexible. For this reason, I try to add some flexible tricks in my training. The first trick is called jade and the angle between legs should be 180° (just rope from gymnastic). The second one is the front spilt and I am very bad at doing it :-)) It should look like a rope on the pole.

jade provazNaTyci

At the end, I show two power tricks that are good for training twisted grip from up to down (I’ve read lots of articles that this step was recommended). The first trick is Aysha and who was seeing my championship video know that I had it in the choreography. I started learning it in January and it took me about three months than I left with my fear. Now I am able to make it every time without fear. But it was not easy at all. However, I am not talent in pole dance, so don’t worry and keep it up.

Approximately a week ago I took up doing handstand tricks from Aysha as you can see in two following photos. The legs should be together and parallel with pole :-)) never mind, next time.

aysha handstand handstand2


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