Dancing – time of my love

I am sitting on my bed and trying to write today’s post but I must admit my big exciting and I would rather jump or dance or whatever than go to the bed :-). Now I will try to explain what happened this evening.

On my way from the work, I came across one club Fuego in Paceville. Yes, I don’t like this area so much but this club had a big board above the entrance informing about free dancing lessons on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And because today is Wednesday (25th May) I got an idea to try it in the evening.


Since this evening I had been running I was lazy first of all and I wanted to change my mind and stayed at home. But I am glad that I didn’t do it and overcame my laziness and maybe fear of something new. It is really worthwhile.

The teacher is from Columbia and speaks various kind of languages, thus, I had an opportunity to listen to Italian, Spanish, English and something that I couldn’t recognise at all. In the first view, I saw that men here are not so shy as I know from my country. By the way, this club I would compare to Savoy restaurant or Stolarna dance studio in Brno.

Maybe I should explain that in Brno dancing is big boom now, especially bachata, zouk, salsa, kizomba and so on. I attended one term (6 lessons) for zouk and bachata. And I really missed this kind of dancing here. Yes, of course, pole dance is my big love, probably by far the biggest, but I really need something as latin dancing as well and now I know where I can spend my evening’s time.

And what’s more after the lesson (salsa) there was something as like as a party and I didn’t stay at the corner at all. Conversely, I had the hard time to get rid of some boys. Especially one African boy tried to pick me up probably. All the time, he told me how he liked me and whether I’d want to drink some alcohol cocktail. Oh my God, why, again black people?

However, I have met here Italian guys, Spanish boy and Czech man (Pavel). I must say that Italien really like dancing and their impression was seen from every step, move.

Unfortunately, on Thursday, there is not a lesson but on Friday there should be some advanced lesson of dance that I don’t know and I forgot the name, but I am going to find it from Pavel.

P1040320 P1040321

At the end I add my photo in front of a club but unfortunately I don’t know how to take photos at night, so the photo is fuzzy a bit.



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