BBQ time is coming to Malta

Sunday (15th May) was a relaxing day after Saturday’s long trip. Actually, on the beachball session (I’ve written about it) I’ve met Simone (Italian guy who is living in Malta for 7 years, and before he arrived in Malta he had been working in England for a couple of years). And a few days ago he offered me to join him and his friend and go to St. Peter’s pool. It is natural swimming pool near to Marsaxlokk but far away usual tourist destination. After I saw a few photos from this place I immediately agreed. At the following map, you can see the location of this pool and I really recommend you seeing this place. In my opinion it is the second wonderful place in Malta that I have seen so far (the first is Azure Window in Gozo, of course). Thank you, Simone, for this unforgettable experience and afternoon.


I forgot to mention that the main activity here should have been a BBQ (barbeque). We all had a meeting point in the market of Marsaxlokk and then we continued on our foot to this place. During walking, I could see the caves in the following photos. And the colour of the water was so blue that I absolutely had to take lots of photos.

P1030911 P1030914 P1030930

After about 3 km we eventually were here and I stayed to stand up with open mouth. The place was so amazing – yellow rock, so crystal blue sea, no wind, only sunshine, but yes, unfortunately, there were lots of people so it was very difficult to shot some photos without people.

P1030946 P1030943

And me in St Peter’s pool. From the cliff on the left side people can jump into the water but I didn’t have so many courage. Actually, I haven’t swum at all.

P1030951 P1030949

And one of the photo it was shot on the top of a cliff.


I mentioned our main activity so I should share some proof. I like the octopus and squid but these on the picture it is not mine. I had a camembert because I was unable to buy some typical meat for BBQ in the shop what I use in the Czech Republic. Never mind, I like eating a cheese (but of course, neither ricotta or gran Padano is not suitable for BBQ).

P1030993 P1030954

And now my favourite sentence is coming. It wouldn’t like me :-)))) if I decided to go around. I climbed on the smaller cliff and the Polish boy tried to persuade me to jump into the water. But in the end, I only pretended this jumping because it was almost 5 metres under the sea level.

P1030965 P1040021

In this coast, I have met two Italian older men. One of them is a photographer Paolo and he offered me a photo-session in his next time in Malta (probably in June). And in October, he should compete in the sailing here so I will have another possibility to take professional photos in Malta. The second one is an architect but I forgot his name 🙁


And here I have met another Italian boy (yes, in Malta there are lots of Italian, but not only this nationality, I am going to speak about my conversation later). I am not sure whether we introduced each other at all 🙂 He was only one person who I have met this afternoon and his command of English was worse than me 🙂 really worse. He had to use google translator for describing what he wanted to tell me 🙂

P1040014 P1040029 P1040027

In the end of this article, I would like to mention that I’ve met and known lots of new people. Nobody was from Malta 🙂 it is funny for me, it would be impossible in my country to meet so many foreigners. I was talking with Polish girl (she studied English in Wroclaw so her English was pretty well), Spanish girl, lots os Italian guys, Moroccan girl (who was working in Latin America) and German organiser Ingo (by the way, he was wroking one year in Brasil, nice). It is so exciting to learn lots of information about other cultures and customs.

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