Selmon Bay and Ahrax Open Cave

I got the inspiration for today’s trip (29th May), actually two trips, from the Czech website. First of all, I wanted to visit the most west and north part of this island and discovered the Ahrax Open Cave. Secondly, I wanted to visit the deserted beach in Malta (respectively, I read that there shouldn’t be the tourists) – Selmun Bay.

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Victoria Lines with yoga

This morning (28th May) I have been invited to join my Italian friend on sun beach yoga. The lesson was held on Golden Bay at 7 AM (yes, it is the same beach when I was playing the beach volleyball one Sunday). I was very surprised that with my bad flexibility I wasn’t the worst in our group. Two next week later we should have a sup yoga (yoga on the board). Well, I am very wondering how I will balance on the water in positions of yoga, such as cobra, plank.

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Baħrija again

I still remember on my last weekend (maybe because this weekend is coming). Today I am not going to write something long story. I only want to add some photos from Baħrija. I must note that I am not an author of these photos. So I thank Simone for more quality photos than mine :-)) But he has an SLR camera (zrcadlovka) I have only a compact camera without any filter. Pokračování textu Baħrija again

Dancing – time of my love

I am sitting on my bed and trying to write today’s post but I must admit my big exciting and I would rather jump or dance or whatever than go to the bed :-). Now I will try to explain what happened this evening.

On my way from the work, I came across one club Fuego in Paceville. Yes, I don’t like this area so much but this club had a big board above the entrance informing about free dancing lessons on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And because today is Wednesday (25th May) I got an idea to try it in the evening. Pokračování textu Dancing – time of my love

I am not lazy and still train

Because my championship is over I can train new trick on the pole. I try to train almost every day but I must admit small progress :-(. I focus on twisted grip into ironX as I have written in some previous article. But this trick requires long preparation and having stronger muscles (mainly around elbow joints). For this reason, I choose various kind of tricks that could be helpful on my way to IronX.

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A vacation or a normal weekend?

You might remember that last weekend I wanted to visit the cliffs near Baħrija (in the west part of the main island). But due to the buses and my bad sense of the orientation, I ended up in Dingli cliffs. During the week, I was still thinking about doing a second attempt and when one of my friends asked me for my weekend’s plan, everything was clear. Since he owns a car we were able to visit more than one place. This is of course, usually impossible for me, due to the public transport here.

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My first running competition abroad

In the Czech Republic, I participated in lots of the running competition so once I thought myself why I shouldn’t try some competition here. It could be an  interesting experience for me – try the another weather conditions and terrain. On the Internet, I found out that in May there should be mountain running competition. Immediately I enrol and today (21st May) day D happened.

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I like my job

The impossible becomes possible. I am working almost 7 weeks in Malta and they haven’t still fired me 🙂 And what’s more, I like my job. After a long time, I am looking forward to going to my work (every day, really, unbelievable).  Anyway, I would like to write a few notices that happened from my last article about my working.

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A few words about Maltese cuisine

A few days ago I had a very interesting conversation about the celebration in Malta and of course, about traditional food habits that are related to these events. I’d like to share some of my notes with you.

So far I have never eaten almost any of following mentioned delicate. However, I am going to eat them as time will be passing.

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The other goal of TODO list is done

This afternoon I got a strange idea. Just the thought sprung in my mind. I decided my hair style, maybe I should say that I changed mainly colour, not hairstyle – I think that it is still very similar as before. But immediately, in the beginning, I must say that I have never dyed my hair because, in my opinion, my natural colour is not so bad, I hope 🙂 However, everything is sometimes for the first time and one should try almost everything in life. We live only once. But let go back, the previous comments are not so important. I was only a little melancholic and philosophising.

Pokračování textu The other goal of TODO list is done