Valletta II for the big success

Yesterday evening I found out that I had visited the bad office and what’s worse, I had been here during their opening hours… but it was my mistake that I hadn’t had an address. But something bad gives rise to us to something good and I can’t say that my second visiting Malta wasn’t worth travelling here a twice.

Firstly, I met a talkative Japanese woman who is studying English just now and we were talking and practising our English for almost 30 minutes in the bus. Moreover, I got lots of pieces of information about living in Japan. For me, it was interesting that she thinks about Malta that it is not the expensive country… If only I can say something same 🙂 Again, I walked Valletta as quick as could be possible.

Again, I walked through Valletta as quick as could be possible.  For a quick moment, I had a feeling that I know almost every place here and I behave as I would be in Prague or Brno. On the following photos, you can see some crocks of my tour to the Registration office owning to apply for ID card (I must admit that I didn’t figure out any information about this process and it caused my little nervosity). The first photo is a joke and anytime I didn’t have an idea to use this ladder for firefighters. At the last photo, there is Maltese machine for the ticket so that you can go to the counter and solve your registration problem. By the way, I crossed to the entrance for non-EU citizens (I thought of why people look like Arabic or Asian :-)). However, I must say that officer was kind and try to speak slowly and gave me lots of lists of paper that I will have to copy and fill. Yes, and I need the contract and copy of my passport, so in a result, it wasn’t my last visiting Valletta (yes, we suspect right that the article Visiting Valletta III is in preparation).

P1030151 P1030153 P1030155

Because my head needed to have a rest, I took some photo in the surroundings quickly. Now it is a good time for sorry to you because almost of my photos which I will share here are strange in a way. The reason is very easy, as you probably know I have already visited Malta last year so I have lots of nice landscape photos and now I am wondered in some unexpected and surprisingly moment which I try to catch with my camera. However, I love the interest in Valletta and I couldn’t forgive to catch them (besides, last year I had paint ankle (you ask why – there is an explanation) so I couldn’t enjoy these places as I would want).

P1030158 P1030162 P1030165

After having had a rest I found the Vodafone brand and wanted to understand their mobile service system. I tried to explain the young boy that I don’t need any tariff because I usually use the mobile phone as a receiver, not as a sender. But if I understood him good, the minimum amount for charging a credit is 10 euros. Well I have only activated SIM card without credit (because in the Czech Republic I am not able to spend 10 euros for credit during all one year so I don’t have any reason to spend in Malta at all).

Yes, I am crazy and savings girl 🙂 so I had a clue/plan for next hours. Although the ticket in winter time (hahaha, I was sunbathing, wait for next article) is rather cheap I decided to walk up to my home (in total it was nearly 10 km, but never mind, I like walking with the sun is shining above my head). And what I saw you are able to see the followings pictures.

In Floriana (I call this city as suburb of Valletta, I don’t still understand why the Maltese divide their cities to small towns, for me it is one big agglomeration, I would compare this system of cities to lots of parts in one big city as we have in Brno for instance) I could see man feeding cat. For the first moment I was scared but then I have noticed the board.

P1030168 P1030169

Then I passed other Maltese cities, e.G. Msida, Ta’XBiex. And I was in Gzira, my home city from last visiting Malta and yes, it was my aim to get to my college and accommodation. Without any problem, I got to the roof of my school 🙂 What a romantic memento.

P1030181 P1030185

Since I had still rather power I decided to carry on my way of crossing Malta and not go to the known bank and along it to go direct my home. Maybe it was a little risky because I don’t have any problem to lost anywhere. To be accurate, that’s to say, I had a map 🙂 and GPS location in the mobile phone (but without visible routes owning to miss data tariff).

Somebody else (than in the last article) asked me for fruit three that grow at the streets so the answer is here – the lemon tree, the orange (or maybe mandarin tree – without tasting I couldn’t have guessed and unfortunately, in neighbourhood flat there was someone and I didn’t have enough courage to jump for the fruit, maybe next time in different place or at night :-)).

At the third picture, there is something as a cactus. I know that it is not a tree but I just share here because I associate one story whenever I see this fruit. In autumn last year, when I was in Malta as poor Czech girl (and I feel as poor Czech girl at this time as well) I thought myself why I should buy this fruit when I am able to pick it up from the cactus manually. Hm, it was very silly idea 🙂 I don’t recommend at all, nor friend, or unfriend. Thought it doesn’t seem it is full of thorns and after I picked it up and put to my mouth I absolutely regretted my savings very much. I tell you those thorn in a lip is nothing pleasant and I spent plenty of time over pulling thorns out of my lips .

P1030178 P1030179 P1030188

Let’s go back to the present. I didn’t pick the fruit of cactus up 🙂 My trip continued to Saint Jullian, maybe it was San Gwan, I am not still good at recognising of individual cities in one big agglomeration. At the photos, you can see the opposite side of this „valley/meadow“ what I mentioned yesterday in one of  the articles. And now I already know what it is – there are lots of the private fields where people grow some vegetables and fruits, such as strawberry as you see at the last photo. Unfortunately, there was board warning against CCTV system.

P1030190 P1030197

P1030200 P1030204

I enjoyed firmly warm weather and I really love Maltese sights, such as protecting of the hedgehogs. At another street, I could see some warning against horse’s route and so on. But on the other hand, most of the blind streets are without any mark as I could persuade during my afternoon’s running.

If you are interested in my way in deeper, look here.


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