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This afternoon I had a lunch outside of my office because of air-conditioning and what a shame if I would have eaten inside when the sun had been shining and I have a view to the sea just five steps from the main door of the office. Well, why I write this unimportant paragraph? Honza may be replied that I am „grafoman“ (people who really like writing and sharing lots of unimportant daily situation with the rest of world) but for this time I completely need to have some list of my goals for living in Malta. And I’ve noticed this fact just on the bank where I’d have a lunch because from this place I could see some stores that offer lots of different sports activities and before my arrivals to Malta, I was thinking about scuba-diving a lot.

Well, the following items I’d like to fulfil then I decide to go back to the Czech Republic.

  • learn English – it is the main goal
  • try to scuba-diving
  • rent a yacht with friends
  • go to Comino
  • taste the national food – fenek (something as like as rabbit)
  • bake my own qasata with ricotta or something similar that consist of ricotta
  • visit Sicily again
  • run the marathon next February
  • visit Malta Firework Festival – see here
  • find some dance lesson here and try it (after my competition of pole dance will be over)
  • use the local hair or beauty studio 🙂 (just for compare to the Czech Republic)
  • taste some local soft-drink
  • travel by Harbour cruise at night
  • visit Popeye village – see here
  • visit local small ZOO
  • swim with the dolphins in Malta Marine Park – see here
  • swim at the sea in winter 🙂 (Hungarian colleague swam in January and he sait that it was possible, only a little colder)

Now that’s all but if I forget to mention some typical for Malta and you really think that I should try it, just write me a comment 🙂 I promise that I am going to take the photos from these activities (maybe English goal won’t have its own photo :-)) and share them with you 🙂

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