Saturday’s walking

First of all, I wanted to go to some beach and sunbathe because of my acclimatisation here (I’d like to look like residents, it could be useful in future, and maybe safety). Unfortunately, the sun probably had a rest (at least, I thought it, the colour of my skin says something different).

In the morning, I was going to Saint Julian because I gave up looking for the nearest bus stop around my home. From this, I went to Bugibba. It was my second time here and again, I don’t know why the weather wasn’t a bit good. Actually, the wind was so strong that I immediately decided to go away from these beaches. But, I’ve met Albert, he is retired, an origin of Malta, and what’s more, he was very talkative and friendly. I don’t understand why, but it was not for the first when somebody from Malta try to get me to his home/car. For instance, last year in one beach near Sliema I met the young boy going to catch some fishes and he had three questions for me: „Are you travelling alone? Are you single? Would you be my lovers?“ Hm, Albert wasn’t so honest but I have to refuse his offer for the tea in your house.

At the second photo, I caught the one of many sports machines that you can find on the bank spreading around promenade in Bugibba.

P1030211 P1030216

From Bugibba, I continued to Mosta. There is the best-known rotunda. You can see this landmark at the following picture. You maybe have noticed that I wore 3/4 legins this day. Yes, the weather didn’t look very well so that I had to put on warmer clothes :-))) I’m glad I did it but not because of the weather… I had a trouble with the wind and my nice skirt (and still I hope that the blowing skirt was not the reason why the drivers going around me beeped).


As you may suspect I came up with my standard idea so that I could walk back to my house and save the money 🙂 (in my mind I thought about an ice-cream). How I decided I managed it. I must warn that I didn’t have any map, my poor map shows only a few cities around Valletta’s agglomeration. Yes, the trip was complete randomise. I wasn’t worried about any dangerous because yesterday tonight Marrissa (my landlord) told me that the Maltese are not used to go to the corner of the next street, let alone hiking in nature. And she is said to be right. I met the only car, no man during all my trip.

P1030243 P1030244

The following three photos I took on alone hill wide and far. A little notice from my trip, you maybe think that in the previous two of pictures there is Valletta (because it should be my right direction), but, unfortunately, no. I am the so skilful girl that I set out to walk on the opposite direct 🙂 and no matter what I saw at the bus stop or even on the route headline of the bus going against me I carried on in a happy way without any confusing. From my last experience with Maltese public transport I know that lazy drivers are not willing to change the headline of the end station, so why I should be excited when I saw the bus with title Valletta and the bus was going against me and not to same direct as I was walking, shouldn’t I? But on one crossroad suddenly I realised that I had already seen this route and then I realised that I had already gone by bus here 🙂 so I turned back… It was about 3 or 4 km, in addition, never mind, I like walking and burning my fat on the belly :-).

P1030245 P1030248 P1030250

In the end, I succeeded, I gain must say that I didn’t have any map, so it was maybe by chance to get to Swieqi. The north part of my city is rather nice, it looks like rural ruins but maybe it is a reason why I really like living here and not at the centre of agglomeration, such as Sliema or Gzira. The ruins from the north you can see the following photo. It was a great deal difficult to shot this photo because the road where I was walking was quite narrow and I had lots of trouble to avoid each car going here. So sorry for only one photo from this beautiful place. I promise to run here in some of my training exercises in next time.


Summary, I’d like to share some „crocks“ from this day. Firstly, I must post the following photo. So far I have never seen something similar in any shop what I had ever visit (now I don’t think only shops in Malta). I don’t understand why I should buy the ice cube when I am able to „create“ them alone… Is there someone who is able to explain it to me?


Secondly, I must notice what I eat for my lunch on my long trips. Because of unpredictable weather, expensive food and, of course, my laziness, I am willing to cook only in the evening. In Malta, I am getting used to eating out. In every city, there are lots of fast foods, kebab stands, the restaurant, the gelateries and the pastizzeries. Since I hate eating fast food and try to avoid all of the unhealthy food I choose the pastizzi (of course this food is not healthy as well but from the choices it is the best one). Now I’d like to recommend two kinds of pasta what we shouldn’t taste in case of your visiting Malta. The first one it is a pastizzi (you can read more here). I prefer kind with ricotta (by the way, today I’ve figured out that the ricotta is very healthy and cheaper cheese that we are able to prepare in many ways, both sweet food and salt variant). However, a the followings photos there is a qassatat with ricotta (before I had had one with spinach). This one come to 1 euro, the pastizzi costs about 40c, but I prefer a qassatat (the dough is similar to our quiche or listové těsto) because the pastizzi are probably baked in oil, they are so much fatty/oily. I have one qassatat or two pieces of pastizzi for lunch and I must say that it is enough food that I feel so many full for at least 4 hours. I recommend you to look at Wikipedia’s link because of explanation the origin of world pastizzi, I laugh a lot. By the way, you should have a notice that the pasta is full of ricotta. In the Czech Republic it is not usual, you remember fo example a donut (in Czechs I mean kobliha).

P1030224 P1030227

As you are probably used I attached the sport-tracker link with my today’s trip.

That’s all for tonight and see you later. By the way, the part of this article I have been writing on the roof (I discovered the outlet here, but the wifi connection was weak). I really enjoy to do everything on the roof (after all, it is a logical thing since I don’t have my own roof in the Czech Republic).

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