Pole dance camp

I trained two days ago and I need the other training badly because I am addictive on the pole 🙂 Since I have been walking and running so much the last two days I had a rest from pole dance. However, I found a little time to sort my photos from the last pole dance camp and decide to create some article based on my big lover – pole dance. But meanwhile, I only share a few photos and somewhen in future I will write how and why I have started to learn this modern dance. By the way, my landlord Marrissa’s formed the first pole dance studio in Malta (that’s a chance that I’ve known her).

The flexibility and strength are the important part of good training. But I am still so hard in my legs 🙁 But once maybe…

1 (32) 1 (105)

I love figure called half-flag. It is very easy to exercise so for this reason I have it in my choreography for the championship. We are able to do a flag with other people at the same pole.

1 (130) 1 (172) 1 (173)

I am happy to find out that people trust me and I am able to carry them only on my feet 🙂 or hand (the last photo).

1 (142) 1 (146) 1 (182)  1 (192) 1 (167) 1 (152)

At the end of the presentation, I attach some photo from battle. I hope that I will get the video from this mini-battle (by the way, this year I won) and after I obtain it, to be sure, I’ll share it with you 🙂

P1020061 P1020198 P1020057

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