My lovely place

I sort of know that it is not nice of my to write how I enjoy my time in sunny Malta (I would say from the best-known song I dream a dream – but in mentioned song it was in the past, but I have it at present, fortunately). My sorry is that you can come and see me…

Anyway, what I wanted to share in this short (I hope) post? During my hot running (it was at 1pm, what a normal time it is) I noticed how a firmly warm today is and that I should use for my acclimatisation in Malta. Yes, I decided to get as the same colour as the  residents have 🙂 It is important to look like the resident, you must confirm :-).

Having been gone running and done an exercise I changed dress (swimsuit of course) and went up to the lovely place – roof. I have been sunbathing and so far I feel some results – I need a drink badly because I am thirsty all the time since being on the roof.

Yesterday I thought in my head „If only I could have had my laptop on the roof“ (my battery is broken) and what I don’t see today – there is an outlet, yupii. If I sunbathe and it is boring (because I am not able to lie down only), I will take my laptop with me and chat with somebody who is willing to answer me 🙂


I had a blanket on the roof and my tasty „lam’s/sheep’s/goat’s cheese“ for all cases. And I used this blanket, I become to be cold suddenly in Malta. By the way, yesterday evening I had an idea to look at the bill of purchase with mentioned cheese and I found out that it is best-known ricotta… I love it so much.

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