Visiting the Valletta

As probably everybody know the city Valletta is the capital city of Malta now (almost nobody (of course foreigner) knows that the former capital city was Mdina (with the beautiful silent centre called Rabat). But I am not interested in writing some historical or geographical facts about Valletta. What’s more, I didn’t decide to call on Valletta to enjoying some landmarks, monuments or taking a photo. By the way, I have already visited this place during my autumn’s vacation. My visiting this city (31st March) had a practical purpose – I wanted to enroll in some Maltese residential system, so far I haven’t understood but what I know that if I pay less money for public transport, I will need an ID card and in Valletta there should be some office building so that we can apply for this card… and it is worth applying for it, I’d better spending my money on experiences, not in needed stuff 🙂

Let go back to the main sense of the story. I’d like to describe my „maybe unsuccessful day“ (but in this dreamed country nothing cannot be unsuccessful, of course).

After morning running (without map, but yes, with GPS in the mobile phone and even though I had it I’ve lost myself several times as you can see in this link. But it is not my mistake, I don’t understand why here people don’t use „the blind sight“ for a blind street – I didn’t have to turn round so many times) I set out to find my bus stop. Hm, I have to shorten my writing, otherwise, I would never finish. I write down only items (my notices) because of my laziness 🙂

  • Of course, if I need to find some bus stops I come across only the bus stops for the opposite direction… maybe there is some network of single ways. In the end, I have walked almost near to my office and got on to the same bus (line number 16) as I planned in my city, hmmm.
  • The pleasure surprised happened in the bus. From my last visiting Malta I expected that I would pay 2 euros per one way (up to 2 hours travelling). But the drivers wanted me to pay only 1,50 euros (hm, I bought an ice-cream later… so I didn’t save money anymore this day). Later I read the rules and the price list and we have a winter time (it is a little funny for me because of 26°C in the shadow, but I am not angry with paying the ticket in the winter time :-)).
  • I literally ran Valletta to supposed a place where the office building should be (yes, I forgot the paper with the address at home, how it is typically for me). But I found some building looking like as what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I forgot many more important detail, the office working hours will probably in the morning hours and yes, in Malta there is the very similar system as we have in the Czech Republic. So tomorrow I have the clear programme for morning 🙂 and for this time I am bringing the address and map with me, I won’t leave by chance.
  • Well, when the main aim was not fulfilled and my ticket was not still expired I used the public transport and got to close to my favourite place – on the opposite bank of Valletta (I guess that it is part of Sliema). From this spot, I was wondering about 2 hours. I enjoyed the warm weather with sweet ice-cream in my hand (oreo and cookies scoops, I like tasting new Maltese flavours). What I saw or what made me surprised I tried to catch in my camera.

Let start with photos from Valletta (the typical narrow street, sweet girl in the Hastings gardens, the Manoel’s island).

P1030090 P1030095 P1030087

Some photos from long walking (9 km in total). In the second one, you can see the complex with my future office (the high building is a good spot for orientation anywhere).

P1030132 P1030121 P1030119

An unnamed person asked me for vegetation in Malta, he told me that from google map there are not any forests, trees… yes, it is a little true, but I tried to shot some palms and typical agricultural places. I came across the horses by chance, I’ve just lost myself as usual 🙂 because I didn’t want to use the map, I am learning my surroundings…

P1030126 P1030137 P1030145

At Tigne point (it is a corner of Malta, some cultural place with many shops) there was some events – I don’t know what… but the women in the stage were singing and I was surprised of the car-animals for children (the orange one is the octopus).

P1030111 P1030110

From Sliema bank (on the opposite side of the sea there is Valletta). The last photo I shot near my house, there is something as valley or meadow, I don’t know how to describe in Czech, let alone in English. However, it is my second good orientation point how to get home.

P1030100 cropped-P1030105.jpg P1030082

And something for fun. You can compare the clothes of a woman and me (above). I don’t suspect which of us look like more crazy for residents.


That’s all from my today trip. If you are interested in the trip in more detail, don’t hesitate to visit this link.

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