I really enjoyed my dinner

In advance, I apologise for this article but I am typically woman and I need to boast how the romantic dinner I had.

In the afternoon during my pole dance training I’ve noticed some unknown door and found out that it leads to the roof of this house… how a nice place. I immediately had an idea to prepare my dinner and eat it in this place with sunset. And how the plan appeared in my head I made it.

I must admit that it was my first proper food here (for breakfast I had some instant porridge, apple for snack, 2 scoops of ice-cream for lunch and that was all).

P1030147 P1030148

At the first photo you can see my lovely first orientation point (my job near the highest building of Malta) and the second one consists of my lounger with dinner).

You maybe wonder what I had a dinner. Don’t laugh me 🙂 but Maltese food are so expensive that I buy something what it is a mixture of tasty (suitable) ingredience for me and suitable price. I had a cous-cous with tuna in olive oil and my „cottage cream cheese“ alias lamb’s or goat’s or sheep’s cheese.

Notice: 1kg cous-cous for 2 euros, 3x80g tuna (in a can of course) for 2,50 euros (in addition it was a discount price). On the other hand, such as 1 kg of greek yoghurt costs 6 euros. Maybe I should write some article about the comparison of living standard here and the Czech Republic (but so far I haven’t had enough knowledge and information about Maltese life… it would be good conversation topic for practisioning my English here).

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