How did it begin

As probably most of you know a few months ago I decided to learn English eventually and because I am useless to do it in my country. I chose English speaking country that I fell in love with it in the first moment when I visited last year. Yes, it is Malta, small island near Sicily… And be sure that English is the one of oficial languages here because it is only about 50 years when Malta recieved its independence (it was part of the United Kingdom, not Italy as many people think).

I won’t describe how to apply for a job here and how to get a dream job. In my case, I can thank to a big happiness. But my adventure have just started and I would like to both share some my experiences and train my English (so that’s a reason why I write this blog in English although I know how these articles look like :-)). I hope that after year I will be able to see some progress 🙂


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