The first experiences

It is too late and after long traveling (I left the Czech Republic on Tuesday 29th March) I would like to lie down and sleep but I am full of feelings. Besides, I am worried about my short memory :-)) so I’d rather writing toning than tomorrow (and I suspect that this though I would have other days as well and in the result I would never start „blogging“.

In short, about 1pm I landed in Luqa (Maltese airport) and from skype I found out that three people from my new company were already waiting for me in the departure lounge. „Three, no…“ was my first thought but I didn’t have any choice and they made me go to the company and let introduce myself to million people (ok, not million, but I remember only three or four names and know that my office lies in the most expensive location in Malta, it is near complex of restaurant and hotels, so I am certain that I won’t have a lunch here 🙂 (the soup costs about 10 euros, the cheapest main course starts on 15 euros… hmmm, some pasta with souce).

Then I had to wait for my driver (colleague). Of course, he was playing a table football… people working in IT companies suspect how important place it is :-)) Fortunatelly, my flat is near my office and trip by foot takes me about 20 minutes and by car it takes us about 5 minutes. Who guess what I  had to do in the first moment in my new flat? Yes, we all knowing where I live guess correctly. I jumped on the pole and took a selfie :-)) for my friends.

Hm, I wanted to describe my experiences shortly… so what made me suprised?

  • the temperature – I don’t bring any sun-oil because I thought myself there is only March :-)) that’s a mistake… only 24°C but… However, the residents are wearing jeans (by the way I put on skirts and top :-)) and I caught a cold in Czechs, owning to cold so far I haven’t bought an ice-cream… only looked at the confectionery :-))). Maybe I looked like crazy girl in my clothes… lots of people turned to me…
  • cottage cream cheese – I love the cottage cream cheese (at least I think that the cottage cream cheese is English meaning for our tvaroh). So I decided to buy it 🙂 I won’t describe how it was difficult to find some shops here but I was succeed, I thought it… I bought something what look likes as tvaroh and the shop assistant confirmed me that it is what I have been searching). But after I tasted it at the flat I found out it is very tasty but it isn’t tvaroh for sure. I guess it could be some lamb’s or goat’s cheese or something similar… Well I woul have to look for tvaroh further.
  • the amounts of hair lounges – as I mentioned I tried to find some shops (I am a little worried that the deparment store is something that the Maltese don’t know :-(). During wandering in the narrow Maltese street and finding for food shop I came across lots of hair lounges… almost in other streets there is some one… I don’t understand why, but when I will have an idea to demage (I dubt that I will be able to learn some useful words in this area and for this reason every attempt must finish unsuccesful) my hair I won’t be worried where I should do it.
  • 5 years ol child and pole dance – in the evening finally I had a pole dance training (I just waited after my roommate had finished her lesson, yes, she is a pole dance teacher – how it is a chance, isn’t it? Be sure it is not a chance that I live here :-)) But what I want to write it is that she has a 5 years old daughter and as we maybe suspect the cute gilrs mirrors her mum and I can see something unbeliavable. I will have to take some photos of her because the young Ina has more power than boys who try a pole dance in my flat in Czech 🙂
  • lemon trees everywhere – finally, the last interesting thing what made me suprised today was a lemon tree. During finding for shop I visited lots of street in the neighbourhoods and almost every 1 out of 3 houses has own lemon tree… hm I think that I will have a lemon juice very often :-)) because when I see the prices of fruits and vedgetables in shops I am not sure whether I will buy them any more :-)) (almost 2 euros for 2 apples, hmm, I am use to eat 4 piece of apples or other kind of fruits a day :-))).

I am exhauste and don’t have enough power to check and correct mistakes, so you appologize it… and if not, you cannot read it :-)) Bye


P.S.: I am going to upload some of photos tomorrow…

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