A little about my job

Although it doesn’t have to seem at the first view I should work in Malta (I will be working since Monday). Let me say a few words about my first date with fortyTwo company.

Yesterday (30th March) I visited my office twice. First of all, my boss and two developers picked me up. I had the very interesting conversation during driving on the narrow roads. I told them about my planning to buy a cycle for easy travelling in Malta. The reply was „Good luck“ and the guys seemed very funny… hm, now I don’t know where the problem is 🙂 Secondly, I was curious whether there are some rivers or, at least, the streams in Malta. I heart: „we have a big river in case of heavy raining“. I learnt that in Malta there was a „snow“ two years ago and it was the big problem here because this situation happens so rarely that Malta is not prepared for this moment and they don’t have any ploughs,  let alone some salt so that the snow can be melted. I thought in my head that it will be a nice and funny time here and I would like to experience the snowing here, really very much :-).

In the afternoon, I decided to visit my job again, but only from a distance. I enjoy time inside later so now I would like to observe my office in safety distance :-)).

Just look at some photos from my „tour to the job“ (it took me about 20 minutes from the house on my foot, I didn’t measure in any app because I spent lots of time over looking at cars – I sometimes miss the pedestrian pavement and besides, in Malta you drive on the left side, I will probably never use it)


I am coming to the complex of luxury buildings…


Look out of the gate (this view I can see from the main door).


Look back to the gate.


Look back to the gate from a distance.


Right, next there is the most expensive hotel (of course that it is a Hilton). For naggers, I will be really working at IT company, not here (but maybe early because of my English, hmm).



And the last photo consists of me for believing that I am still alive (it was on the way to back home, but I wanted to find another way, I hate being bored…).


After I know more information about my job content I will probably describe here in more detail. Currently, I know a few names, my seat place (maybe) and remember some nationalities of my colleagues (such as, the second Hana at fortyTwo is from Swedeen and owning to have the same name everybody is willing to call me Hanka, yupiii).

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